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 Drackal Clan

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Xyphos Akios


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PostSubject: Drackal Clan   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:49 am

Name: Drackal Clan
Manifestation: Drackals are half human, half Dragon, so they have the ability to use fire techniques, plus can move like humans
Genkai: When Drackals get angry they become dragons, until calmed down.

Clans History: The clan was started by a great Drackal known as Maladath, who searched for other drackals all over the world. Eventually, Maladath found another drackal known as Heran. The two drackals eventually populated this new clan, and found a huge cave, known as Rok'nar, and the drackals live there to this day, with Maladath as the leader
Clan Jutsu:


1: Dragon like wings coming from back

Stage 2: The drackal head turning into a dragon head, while the wings continue to grow

Stage 3: The drackal becoming larger, looking more like a dragon every second

Stage 4: The drackal is now officially a dragon
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Drackal Clan
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