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 Manzo Fuuma

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PostSubject: Manzo Fuuma    Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:06 am

Basic Information:

Name: Manzo Fuuma

Nickname: The Snow's Blur

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Personality: Manzo is a very heroic and stoic boy, he looks out for his villagers and those he can call family since he lost his own family in a raid. He wants to bring peace to all shinobi nations and is very optimistic about completing his goals. He has somewhat of a drinking problem, he carries a bottle of sake around with him everywhere he goes. He has a kid and makes it his number 1 priority to see him whenever possible and to raise him right. On his free time he enjoys treating people to lunch or something fun that they would enjoy, he likes making other peoples lives more fun then his childhood was. He's a believer that the next generation will surpass the last. He enjoys going to festivals and playing the games to win, he never really experienced it as a kid so he takes his time to enjoy the little things in life as he knows he's not long for this life, He wishes that he could live to see the day his son grows up to be a fine shinobi, or whatever path he may follow after his death, he just hopes for him to lead a good life. He enjoys a good fight and only takes it seriously when his life is on the line or the innocent are threatened, he always enjoys a good joke now and then too, though he's horrible at telling them, whenever he gets nervous he rubs the bridge of his nose or rubs the back of his neck with a grin or small smile. He has no interest in love anymore in the sort of relationships ever since his lover died after giving birth to they're son. He doesn't like outsiders who have no business in his village, but hes not rude about it when he questions them.

Likes: Spending time with his son, Teaching the young, Deserts , Snow ball fights, Drinking, Trying new things.

Dislikes: People who threaten his way of life and his village. Spicy Foods , Akatsuki, Bandits, Returning Home in the Rice Field Country, Being scolded.

Striking Blond Hair.


Village: Snow

Clan: N/A

Rank: Joui-Jounin -S-Ranked Jounin

Elements: Water,Wind,Earth.

Weapons: Carries 13x Kunai With him and about 30x Shuriken on a wire hanging from his side. 15x Makibishi Spikes and 100 Ft of Ninja Wire.



Earth Jutsu

Water Jutsu

Wind Jutsu


Shadow of the dancing Leaf

[size=18]Forbidden Jutsu[/size]

Name: A Fleeting Dream
Rank: S
Element: None
Type: Kinjutsu
Description:This is a forgotten and Forbidden jutsu by the nature that it is used and what it can do to the user. Manzo finished this technique after reading part of it from a book he had as a kid that was filled with Ninjutsu, he never was able to complete it until he had to save his village. It requires a large seal to be placed on his chest, and he must gather all the chakra in his body to use it, it completely obliterates anything with a life force in the diameter of a normal sized village, a couple miles. It destroys all that Manzo stands against and doesn't affect anyone he considers good or his family. How this is determined by the jutsu is unknown.
This jutsu takes away half the life span every time it is used. so If someone were to live till they're 80 its now 40.

Background Information:

Background: Manzo was originally born in the Land of Rice on the mainland of the Shinobi country, he spent his childhood there and loved it for the most part aside from the bandit raids that happened on occasion. Manzo was a very active kid in his little village, he was always out and about running around through fields, he would occasionally get bitten by snakes and such and would have to go to the hospital often, causing his parents to get headaches, he was quite the handful as a kid, hes still somewhat of a kid to this day. He learned the ways of the shinobi on his own with books he found in an old ruin nearby the farm he lived on, he studied it everyday and was a natural born genius that only comes once in a generation. Though what he learned from the books was limited so he wasn't able to progress very far on his own, and since there wasn't any ninja academy in the Land Of Rice he was only able to learn through trial and error on his own, experimenting with jutsu he made up on his own.

When he turned 7 years old his family's farm was raided by bandits who also used ninjutsu on them burning his house to the ground, Manzo wasn't able to do anything about it, he was at the ruins when it had happened, he witnessed them committing the act and leaving though as he saw fire in the distance, he was too scared to do anything about it. He ran from his home, he never stopped running no matter how tired he became, he was running off pure will power, he took the book of ninjutsu with him and the clothes on his back and that was it. He crossed multiple countries on the continent, he didn't know where he was going and he didn't care, he just wanted to get away from there. He eventually came to a stop when he reached the mist village's watery stop. The only way to get further was by boat, he stowed away on a ship that was going to the Snow village. On the boat he found food and stuffed his face, he hadn't eaten in so long.

When the boat came to a stop he rushed off forgetting his ninjutsu book, and didn't realize it until the boat was too far for him to get to, there was one jutsu in it he didn't ever learn, he was never able to complete it so he gave up on it. There was no use at that point, he would find it eventually later in life. When he reached the snowy part of yukigakure he quickly realized how bad a mistake this could have been on his part. He wasn't ever used to cold weather, he traversed the snowy tundra for hours before he got too cold and collapsed in the snow. He thought he was going to die until he heard someone coming towards him quickly, he looked up slowly and weakly. It was some young girl in a big coat. She helped him up and wrapped the coat around him, she said she was gonna take him home and guided him to the nearby shinobi village.

When he came to in the infirmary they questioned him about just who he was, he said who he was and were he came from, shocked at how far he has come they were somewhat speechless that a young boy was able to get here. He gave a little grin at how he thought he had impressed them. They put him in his own apartment that nobody has used in years. It wasn't very nice but it was better then being out in the snow. Eventually he joined the Ninja Academy they had there, he was naturally more talented then the rest and had already known some ninja arts and even had his own jutsu! He passed without needed being said and was put on a genin team with two others both older then him, they were about 13 or so and he was only 8. They didn't respect him at first but soon came around when they went on a few missions together, He always upstaged them by saving them in dire situations. He was a very fast ninja, able to rival the speeds of most Chuunin and even some of the slower Jounin.

He earned his own Nick name from his sensei, 'The Snow's Blur' referring to how fast he was. When he turned 9 years old they're sensei entered them in the Chuunin exams confident in his teams ability ignoring the fact of how young they were. When Manzo reached the Leaf Village, he had felt a little more at home, it was the same climate as his old home and the scenery was similar. During the time between the beginning and when everyone was arriving most of the older genin from other villages tried to pick on Manzo because of his height and age, he was a good few inches shorter then everyone, his team attempted to defend him by mocking the others but the two of them were ganged up on by them, Manzo quickly acted by dispatching of them with precision and agility. He quickly made the others shut up and helped his team mates up. Soon when the first exam started Manzo wasn't very good when it came to practical questions so he struggled a little bit but passed the first exam without resorting to cheating. Inbetween that and the next exam a fight between two opposing teams broke out, they attempted to use ninjutsu, Manzo stepped in and stopped both of them from attacking the other. He pushed them aside and made them shut up, he wanted to hear about the next exam, many of the people in the room impressed by the boys sheer bravery to stand up to the other larger boys. The next test was to test they're skills in patience, attack, defense , tracking and other things a shinobi requires.

They were put in different parts of the forest of death and were to stay in there for one whole week with no supplies other then what they came to the exam with, they were to locate a scroll the opposite color of there's and deliver it to the tower in the center by the end of the week. His team was put at gate # 32 on the northern end of the Forest, when they started his team took they're time in getting inside the forest taking note of they're surroundings, someone quickly found Manzo's team and attempted to attack them all alone as he saw Manzo's height, he must be ignorant to attack after witnessing his fights earlier. Manzo used his intense speed to out do the older boy, he searched him after knocking him out and found a scroll he needed. He sighed at how easy it was for them, They quickly headed for the tower, Manzo was the first to arrive naturally and he waited the entire week in the tower awaiting more teams. When it ended they selected the match ups for the last test in the Exam.

Manzo was placed against two opponents, he smirked and gave a proud grin a challenge for him, he had to fight one Leaf Ninja and one cloud ninja. When it came time for the break between the fights he had a month to train and rest, he began training immediately and began a new jutsu. It required water concentration and lots of it, it was to form a spiraling sphere of water in his hand, he called it Tearing torrent, it was like a palm attack that after it impacted the water tears at the opponent. He wasn't able to complete it in the time of his training, the first battle had begun, it was the more simple of the two fights, the opponent used Fire techniques and taijutsu. Manzo countered his fire jutsu with his own water techniques. He attempted to finish him off with the Tearing torrent though failed to finish the jutsu, it didn't expand and tear at him. The boy took this opportunity to attack Manzo with a punch to the bottom of the chin, this disoriented manzo and left him open to more attacks, the boy sent him into the air and knocked him to the ground, Manzo looked like he was out for the count, but quickly had visions of his house burning, the screams of his parents. He slowly got back up and attacked him using a punch to the face. He replied saying 'Never count me out!' with a grin before falling to the ground out of energy, the tearing torrent took alot out of him. He had nearly no time to prepare for his next fight, his team mate gave him his last soldier pill and restored some of the energy he lost and remarked that Manzo would make a better chuunin then him anyways. Manzo grinned and stepped into his next fight. Against a Shinobi from the cloud village, he was much bigger then him and looked fierce, and more expierenced, but looks can be deceiving, take Manzo for example. The fight began and Manzo got a good few quick hits on him, not really phasing him though, the boy was like a machine of some sort. The boy grabbed Manzo by the leg and swung him into the wall multiple times. Manzo had a hard time getting up. But he wasn't going to give up here, he used the Hidden mist Technique and attacked him with swift and strong taijutsu moves to disorient him, as the mist cleared, a loud rushing water noise could be heard. "I got it this time!" he shouted as he ran towards the boy using the Tearing Torrent, he thrust it at the boys chest and it connected, the water began expanding and tearing at his chest nearly killing the boy. They both flew backwards afterwards. The crowd went silent until Manzo stood, they roared with cheers for him and many fireworks went off. He huffed and puffed at how tired he was afterwards, he was taken to the infirmary, afterwards he was promoted to Chuunin by the Hokage.

During his time as a Chuunin he began becoming famous around the snow village for his battles and struggles in the Chuunin exams, when he returned he was thrown a celebration for becoming the Snow's Newest chuunin and it's youngest Chuunin ever, he was becoming quite the idol for the younger ninja even his old classmates are looking up to him. He takes his popularity in pride but never let it get to his head, he continues on as if nothing has changed. Now that he became Chuunin he had more responsiblities such as missions. He now was able to take the higher rank missions, most of them weren't very exciting and didn't show off his ability. One mission that he took changed his experience as a shinobi forever. He was assigned along with two other Chuunin to escort a traveling salesman back to the land of Sand where he originally came from. He feared he would be robbed, a little more then fear, more so that he knew something big was going to happen, he only had enough money to pay for a B-Ranked mission, Manzo happily accepted the mission, though he knew what could happen he wanted to test his ability. A few hours into the escort they were attacked by a pack of bandits, not any ordinary bandits they used ninjutsu.

They looked familiar to Manzo, it was about 4 Years ago but they looked the same, it was the men who had burned his house down. Though a few numbers short of the original people, Manzo took no pity on them and quickly dispatched of them, leaving them barely awake to question them, he questioned where the rest of them were and why they killed his family those years ago. They didn't answer. Manzo left them there and continued with the mission, they didn't encounter many more enemies aside from normal bandits and some ninja from other countries, but they were only genin. When they got towards the border of the Rice Field country, they took a break from the Mission while Manzo visited his old farmhouse, he knelt down in front of it and said Sorry for the first time to them. He could hear someone behind him, he turned around and could see the man who was another culprit in burning down his house and killing his family, he attempted to Kill manzo with a Kunai knife to the neck, Manzo quickly grabbed his arm and flipped him over him and put his foot on his neck and asked him why they did it, he smirked. Manzo aggravated kicked him in the temple knocking him out, or so he thought. The man said that he better check on his friends before he passed out. Manzo quickly ran back to them to find that his teammates were dead, the client was standing nearby them. Manzo quickly ran over to him and asked what happened, the salesman started laughing, Manzo's eyes widened as the man attempted to attack him and calling him a fool as a puff of smoke revealed who he really was, it was another of the bandits, it was the largest one from back then. Manzo shocked fell back, the man remarked on how he shouldn't had let him live all those years ago, saying he ignored him. But remarked how strong he had become and should take him out now before he becomes a problem, he revealed what his plan was, it was to make a fake mission that would have sent Manzo in. Manzo had a hard fight against him, the man was pretty skilled in taijutsu, he smashed Manzo against the trees multiple times. Manzo was no match at first until his senses came back to him and he remembered how his house was burned down and his family was killed by this man. He got serious and began attacking him with taijutsu and sent him into the air then Used Blade of Wind to cut him down, now that he was weakened, He used the tearing torrent to finish him off.

After the fight he visited his Familys farm again and said sorry once more before he headed back to the Snow Village. He reported that it was a fake mission to draw him out, of course he brought back his team mates bodies. After explaining everything, the Yukikage promoted Manzo to jounin. He was a little depressed for a while after the events of that mission. He got a little more lazy in his missions and lost some of his reputation, he just lost alot of the motivation he had to improve himself. Until the time that the Snow Village came under siege by an unknown force, they looked like black blobs of chakra, there were many of them and they all had elemental chakra techniques and could use high rank jutsus in succession of each other. Manzo was trapped at some ruins far outside the village by a few of the elementals, After he took care of those ones he became worried about the village which was nearly destroyed by them already, there were too many to handle. This wasn't going to be easy, Manzo had come up with a new jutsu during the time he became Jounin, but it may have been to risky, he didn't think he would need it so he ran into the village, memories rushed back to him as he saw all the burning buildings, he shook his head quickly as he rushed into battle, he wasn't able to take on that many of them and save the village before it was destroyed, he had to resort to that jutsu.

But he had to use it or he may not have a home after this. He ripped off his shirt and revealed a seal tattooed on his chest, he put both hands to his chest and began gathering chakra, the seal began glowing a bright purple color. An aura surrounded him quickly and soon the entire village was covered in the light, runes ran through the streets and from the sky, it made the symbol for 'Hero' He threw his arms to the side and suddenly it became very bright and a humming noise could be heard, soon enough all the elementals are disintegrated. Manzo was only able to stand up for a short amount of time afterwards, the Jutsu he used was called, A Fleeting Dream. It was a forbidden jutsu that he had read in a book long long ago when he was a child, It was made to protect all that is dear to you, but at the expense of Half your life Span each time you use it, So now Manzo would only live to be about 40 or 50 years old at the most, the Jutsu span covers that of a Normal village size and takes out anyone that is not someone Manzo considers family, or good. When the people found him in the center of the village with the seal on his chest, they didn't know what to think but they knew whatever happened was his doing, they rushed him to the hospital, where he spent a month on bed rest recovering from that technique. when he exited the hospital, the entire village was waiting to congratulate him, the village didn't look very good but it was coming along, He smiled at all the people, they called him a hero. They announced him as the Snow Villages Greatest Hero. Soon after Manzo found a lover at the age of 15 and had a child with her, but sometime after childbirth she died of a heart condition, her name was Eyisa Enduro. He named his son Zakkary and has trained him to live a good life.

Family: Zakkary Fuuma

Sample: Zero was curious as to who the man was he saw and followed them until
they walked into a tavern, this guy wasn't a resident of this village
that he was sure of, his attire was different then those of this
place.After trailing him successfully without being noticed he entered
the bar shortly after he did and sat in an empty corner table and kept a
close eye on the man, he was certainly responsible for the bloodshed he
saw earlier and this could be someone very interesting to him.
he ordered a drink and he received it but he did not drink, he just
seemed to sit there and examine the people around the bar. Not to long
after ordering the drink the bartender seemed to talk to him about
something and then seemed to be in fear of the man.An ANBU of the
village approached the man, obviously drunk from his mannerisms and his
actions. The man then laid him out over the counter and before he knew
it a fight began. Afterwards a fire started, Zero stood up quickly and
walked out of the bar before he was to get caught in this. If the man
died in there he would not exit, if he survives he will follow him some
more to find out who he is. Sure enough as Zero thought the man came
crashing through the window and an explosion was heard. He smirked at
how much destruction happened in a short ammount of time. The man was at
the top of another building now. Zero jumped up onto another roof far
enough to avoid suspicion of his trailing him. He followed him to an
area where the man seemed to meditate. Zero then jumped down nearby.
"That was quite a show back there" he said with slight amusement in his

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Finished Finally! PLEASE read the Entire Bio I put alot of emotion into it T-T

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Manzo Fuuma
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