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 Rini Kagirinai

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PostSubject: Rini Kagirinai   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:03 pm

Basic Information:

Name:Rini Kagirinai



Gender: Female



Likes:Rini likes reading stories to herself before going to bed. She enjoys talking to others when she is in a happy mood. She enjoys eating sweet foods and other junk foods. Rini likes to take walks through new places and old ruins, she enjoys studying buildings and architecture along with weapons. She likes seeing new things and looks up to the ancestors before her in her clan.
Dislikes: Rini hates watching people who talk about nothing but themselves and they're achievements. Bitter and tasteless foods are another of the things she hates and refuses to eat no matter how rude it may make her look.
Personality toward other people: Rini likes to talk to other almost all the time, she doesn't like silence so she tries to start a conversation with others a much as possible. She tends to get to close to males of her age or around her age,not on purpose but she was raised without real manners and never leaned about personal space. When talking to them she seems to drift off sometimes and day dreams about random things that may have been mentioned or not even mentioned in the conversation. She doesn't like having anyone behind her and usually walks behind or next to other people.
Combat: In combat Rini usually tries to analyze the persons fighting style before making any big moves unless its necessary. She likes to drag out battles if there with a person that she finds very interesting to fight, possibly trying to learn how to do they're techniques perhaps, she doesn't know the real reason why she does it. She avoids fighting younger people then her by at least 6 years or so. When she is in a fight she knows he cannot win, she attempts to escape with carefully placed plans and traps that will give her enough time to escape.

Extras: Summoning Tattoo on her Bicep

Shinobi Information:

Village: Iwagakure

Clan: Kagirinai

Rank: Jounin

Elements: Fire and Water


Name: Bo-Staff
Type: Staff
Looks: The staff is a simple bo-staff, being six feet in length. It is cut off at either end, giving a rough, circular, end to jab with.
Description: N/A


Name: Shinso
Type: Wakizashi
Looks: Shinso is a legendary wakizashi , decorated with teal grip and S-Shaped guard. The blade is only about 3 feet long. It's blade gleams even in the dark, as if it were catching a light no one else could see and reflecting it in a form that everyone can visualize.
Description: Shinso's main ability is to extend in length main for use in situations where length can change the edge of battle, it can extend up to to a total of 12 feet, 4 times its original size still keeping its hand-ability, but more easily broken which is why the length is used for stabbing. It extends and shortens at speeds that rival a rabbit running.


Name: Kami No Shiniyari
Type: Spear
Looks: The weapon is a basic spear. It is made of a blackened wood, wrapped in leather where she would be wielding it, giving her better and more comfortable grip. The steel head of the spear was crafted for piercing, and is serrated on either side to make it easier to pull back out of the flesh of her opponents. The spear itself is six feet in length.
Description: Kami No Shiniyari has no special abilities other then being able to cut through chakra and dissipate certain jutsu's up to B-Rank.

Name: Suigetsu
Type: Spear/Trident
Looks: Suigetsu is a black trident or spear, it has three prongs on the end of it.
Description: Suigetsu is able to be used like a normal weapon but also can summon cutting water with swings of it if desired that can cut the tops of rocks.

Name: Hiro
Type: Spear
Looks: The spear's shaft is made of a violet-tinted steel. It's head is in the form of a massive flame, frozen in time. The flame reaches out into a point at the end, each edge razor sharp.
Description: Hiro is much like Suigetsu except instead of adding a cutting water effect it can be used to spread flames with each strike.


Name: Crystalis
Type: Armor
Looks: The armor in appearance , is a traditional knight's armor. It covers her torso, and legs, with leather chaps and chainmail underneath the provide further protection. It comes with grieves and gauntlets to allow for full protection during battle. However, the armor is still flexible with many plates of armor set upon screws that allow for a full range of movement. It is trimmed in gold paint, with a flower made of crystals embedded in the torso.
Description: The crystals within the torso of the armor store chakra, which she implants in the crystals before battles and before resting. As a result, they have quite a lot of chakra waiting to be tapped into, which can be used to rejuvenate and restore her chakra reserves in the middle of battle.



Background Information:

Background: Birth To Five years old
Rini was born on the hottest day of the winter time on the day December the 17th,It was a day when the snow melted away and the sky shone brightly with the sun high in the sky. Her parents were very happy on this day, they're daughter was born and the day was perfect for the land. They named Her Rini. She was born with a messy head of bright red hair that stuck up in the left side of his head eventually straightening out. Over the years he was a reckless child and always getting into trouble, getting herself hurt, but it didn't matter she was able to heal her injuries quickly like the rest of her clan. She would do anything people told her to do as long as she got some attention, she was abit of an attention seeker as she was a child.
Training with Grandpa
When Rini became six years old her parents sent her to his grandfathers home to be trained to become a shinobi, they did not want her going to the academy to become a shinobi and stay on the same level as all the other kids. Her grandpa would put her through training that would last hours on end and would make the other ninja her age break under pressure. Rini tried her hardest so she could get the attention of everyone around her, she would push herself to the limit. She was trained to use numerous types of weaponry by her grandfather who was a master of the arts of kenjutsu. She enjoyed the time she spent training with her grandfather.Soon by age eight she was at a very high level of kenjutsu. For two years straight she trained in kenjutsu. Her grandfather then moved her onto Ninjutsu training. He was found to be a water and fire user. She was very adept at using jutsu and learned quickly, enabling her to train her ninjutsu quickly and move onto the next thing she would have to train. She was a natural ninja by the time she was ten years old. Another two years spent training his techniques. She then moved onto training in Taijutsu, it required much physical effort from her, and Rini was a fragile young girl. This training was the hardest on her so far, she did not give up yet though. Learning multiple arts of fighting with legs and fists. She wore weights over the two years, never allowed to take them off. This improved her physical strength and his speed, along with stamina. When they moved onto training genjutsu they realized that Rini had no talent in it, barely able to use a simple C rank jutsu. She was a high ranked ninja by age 15 and she couldn't use genjutsu correctly. They went into great depth in the training. It took an extra year but she was then able to use genjutsu correctly and learn how to defend herself from genjutsu. When she was 15 she returned home.
The Return Of a Shinobi
Rini was no longer the little child that they had known, She was a matured woman. Her parents threw a celebration for her return most the clan was invited along with some of the family friends, Rini has lived a good life from the day she was born. When she got back into the groove of things in the village, she was put in a genin team that has not yet passed the chuunin exam, they were about 15 years old, rini was about the same age. They learned to get along as a team and joined the next Chuunin exams that were coming up. They were a team to be feared this year as they were all very well past the normal genin level threshold. The tests were a cinch for them of course, the other two in her team gave her the downlow of how these things worked. They had an advantage and were sure fires for the exam. The written exam was easy as her team knew exactly what was going on, so they passed that with flying colors. Next was the forest of Death, they reached the tower by the end of the second day, they encountered two enemy teams from the leaf, they were both formidable but were defeated in the long run. Next was the last exam with a fight, Rini was put against a young man from the Mist village. He was a master of the water element and so was she, but he didn't have the hand to hand combat that she possessed, she had to edge in the fight which led her to victory. After the ceremony and the other fights she was promoted to chuunin by her Kage.

Jounin promotion:
Rini didn't last long as a chuunin as she was more expierenced then her reputation led people to believe, and she was quite the devil in combat taking no chances of letting the others go into harm, she was a natural born leader when it came down to it, on a few missions she was the leader of multiple other chuunin and lead them to victory every time. She was promoted quickly for acts of bravery and great skill to Jounin.

Family: None

RP Sample: he glared around his surroundings as he realized he was surrounded by a jutsu, Escape wouldn't exactly be easy this time. He tsked at the Other Uchiha and sighed as he hated fighting other uchiha. "Why Must I always end up fighting Uchiha.." he muttered and grabbed his sword from his belt and lightning surged around it every so often making static noises. " I'll Go all out on this one." he muttered under his breath and prepared his self for an attack.He thought for a moment and placed his sword in the ground and made handseals under his coat where they could not be seen. He had activated a Genjutsu that would appear on the outer ring of the lightning barrier. It would show Taimoshi Uchiha beaten on the ground when he gazes upon it.

Even If he doesn't believe it, that moment he looks at it will be long enough for me to get close and attack him.. Zero had thought to himself. He began running towards Kirai slowly at first then in an instant nearly dissapeared and snow and dust were flying in a circle around Kirai as He circled him quickly almost unable to be seen. He waited for a moment when Kirai wasn't looking and made another jutsu inside the dust and snow clouds. Suddenly four copies of him emerged from the cloud and continued running the route and it seemed like Zero was in four places at once. A Clone then jumped from the route and swung the kusanagi at Kirai. If he was to be struck or if the clone hits him, Kirai will be stunned for a moment unable to defend himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Rini Kagirinai   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:06 pm

If you have only the wind Element, explain to me why I see no wind elemental techniques and instead I see Fire and Water techniques?

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PostSubject: Re: Rini Kagirinai   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:08 pm

Edited, I used to only have wind, My mistake.
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PostSubject: Re: Rini Kagirinai   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:12 pm

A P P R O V E D ~ !
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Rini Kagirinai
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