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 Susanowa Terumi

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PostSubject: Susanowa Terumi   Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:39 pm

Name Of Ninja:
[Susanowa of the Terumi Clan]

Age Of Ninja:

Rank Of Ninja:
[Chuunin - It is rumored that his skills exceed that of a chuunin.]

[Susanowa is a sweet and harmless guy. Takes up from his father's personality and doubled by his mother's. He loves animals.He is also very Brave, he loves action yet is gentle as a flower sometimes. He loves horror, scary things and would risk his life to protect his friends and helpless people from their fears and horrors that lies within the shadows. He would dive in the pools of danger just to pull out a drowing friend in need of a Life guard from heaven. Neighbors refers to him as an Angel. He is intellegent yet common sense comes slow to young Susanowa for he is a bit clueless. He is adventurous, he wants to go out and learn more. He uses logic expertly, and wants to know the meaning of the world. The meaning of Life, he is a thinker and a fighter. Susanowa's favorite animals are jellyfish and the octopus.

Young Susanowa was always kind hearted child. Smart strategist and brilliant fighter. His strategies were on point and still is to this very point now. Susanowa is kind hearted being. Susanowa's mother named him Sokuryu, which he didn't like at the age of five, asking his father to change it, begging and pleading, his father finally gave up and decided to change it to something Susanowa wished to have. Susanowa choosed the name "Susanowa." as soon as his father asked him what to change his name too, showing that Susanowa and his father have a very loving, fatherly and Son relation however the relationship between mother and son is quite different. Susanowa's mother wished he was born a Female while Susanowa wished She was never born, even if that means him not being born.

Susanowa was destined to be an evil warrior and munipulator, cursed with the icey cold, frozen eyes of sin and gifted with the blessing abilities of complete mental muniplation but not literally. Susanowa was born an angel but grew into a monster and that is what started the hate process he slowly started to gain towards certain people he encounters. Sometimes, when he knows it's a sure win, he would toy with his opponent with a sinister smirk and grin. Most of the time he has a smile on his face and joy in his eyes. When the sickness washes over Susanowa so suddenly he feels a sudden urge to run to safety and be alone to endure the pain by himself. The coughing up blood isn't very painful anymore however the mental aches is what makes him scream. Susanowa was also born were an Illness. The Illness seems to gives him bad coughing, he seems to cough up blood sometimes. His vision gets blurry. His breathing is tight and oxygen seems to barely slip through and he gets weaker physically.]

Special Characteristics:
[Silver Hair ~ Smokes ~ Intense Illness]

[Battles within a large puppet while muniplating others ~ Tactician ]

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Susanowa Terumi
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