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 Haku Kaguya

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Haku Raikou
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PostSubject: Haku Kaguya   Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:22 pm

Name Of Ninja: Haku Kaguya

Age Of Ninja: Physical Age is 7 years old but actual age is 43

Rank Of Ninja: S-Ranked Ninja, Mizukage of Kirigakure

Personality: Haku is loud-mouthed and very disrespectful to everyone around him. He has a tendency of constantly spewing curses and constantly insults with every chance he gets. He also tends to be easily-angered when someone makes a comment about his height or his apparent age. However, to those that earn it, he gives that person respect. However, even if he doesn't respect someone, if they are influential or powerful, such as another village kage or a daimyo or other important diplomat, he will regard them with respect, unless they disrespect him, which in that case respect will completely fly out the window.

However, Haku has a second personality. A more ruthless, vicious, manipulative,
mind-twisting, cold, calculating, sociopathic, psychotic, viper-like
personality. This personality has been dubbed as Psycho Haku. Psycho
Haku constantly speaks of a Plan and how everyone follows it to be
perceived as normal. He considers himself a freak because he isn't part
of The Plan and how freaks always need an ace in the hole. He intends
to spread anarchy and chaos wherever he goes, to make schemers and
normals see how pathetic their plans really are. He can be described as
a mad dog, just does things as he goes along and does whatever, having
no actual plan in mind. He can often be identified when Haku's hair
becomes more spiky and unruly, an x-shaped scar goes over a left blind
eye and scars are carved from the ends of his lips to his ears, giving
him a more, permanent smile.

Special Characteristics: Haku, despite his appearance, possesses an incredible amount of skill in the art of Water Ninjutsu and is said to be arguably the best Water Jutsu user in the Shinobi Nations. He is also extremely skilled in the art of the Kaguya Clan Techniques and in the art of the Silent Killing Style. Haku has Eternal Youth as well, which traps him, a 43 year old, in the body of a 7 year old child, which often causes him to be treated with disrespect and be mocked, which he doesn't take well in the slightest.

Information: Haku grew up in the Mist Village as an orphan and refused to let anyone take him in, preferring to be by himself and treating growing up in the streets as a form of training to increase his survival skills. Haku was put under heavy experimentation by the former Mizukage Taromi Nakujin and was the only known survivor of the experiments, which keeps him at the physical age of 7. Throughout his entire ninja career, he never worked with anyone, preferring to be on his own. At the age of 33, he challenged the former Mizukage Taromi to a battle to the death for the title of Mizukage. Haku wound up as the victor for the battle and ever since has been the Mizukage. Extreme caution has been extremely stressed to, when fighting this man, to not mock him about his height or apparent age and to not underestimate him because doing those things makes him even more dangerous.

My demon, the Rokubi no Raijuu, the Six-Tailed Weasel Demon
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Haku Kaguya
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