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 the Urabei clan

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PostSubject: the Urabei clan   Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:56 pm

Name: the Urabei clan
Manifestation: eye technique
Kekkei Genkai: okamigan or wolf’s eyes it makes you able to see everything just like a wolf. It also can show the wielder if someone is an ally an enemy or a target an extension of target being mission client (ally is colored blue, enemy is colored red, and the target or client is shown in gold)

Clans History: The Urabei clan was stated back in the times of konohas founders, they were a very sought after clan for alliances mainly for their kekkei genkai to tell if someone is an ally, enemy, or target for a mission. When the uchiha and senju made peace and formed konohagakure the urabei joined them they still live in konoha to this day.
Clan Jutsu: fire style flame hurricane (will allow to be used by fire affinities but only ones the clan can trust absolutely).

Stages: [if your
kekkei genkai has stages, post the pictures and description here]
(can only do description don’t know how to create pictures if needed can someone please tell me how to create them, thanks.)
1: this is the very first stage and only your wolf sight is unlocked. This stage must be mastered before the second stage is unlocked.

Stage 2: this stage unlocks eagle sense; this stage also locks wolf sight until eagle sense is mastered. This stage must be mastered before the third stage is unlocked and wolf sight is returned.

Stage 3: this stage brings stages one and two together forming the complete okamigan.

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the Urabei clan
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