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 Shinji Kousei

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Shinji Kousei


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PostSubject: Shinji Kousei   Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:42 pm

Basic Information:

Shinji Kousei
Young Dragon

First of all he have no problem striking down anyone, no questions asked. He is a extremely powerful person both physically, spiritually and mentally. He shows brute force in everything he does he only do it because most of the time he wants a actual name for who and what he do. He is a tactical person; he looks as if he is a berserk because he just rushes in like its no tomorrow. But during the rush of battle the opponent realize he is a lot more then he seems. If he randomly feel like attacking you its just him nothing personal. He have a deep passion for watching others fight as well, its so good he is most likely to join in.

If there is one thing needed to know about Shinji, its he have a extreme passion for traveling.He is sometimes caught in situations that doesn’t require him at all but somehow he ends up tagging along and gets into things he isn’t suppose to. He shows respect to those who he think deserve it. Everyone else gets the same cold treatment, he doesn’t strive for the best he strive to be someone in the world. He knows what the difference is between good and bad but he choose not to get involved. He is often seen attacking someone, never lets his guard down even when he’s sleep. He can show love and care, MAYBE if he lets someone show it back.

-His Kekkai Genkai
-Unworthy people
-Being set up

Shinobi Information:

Otogakure No Sato
Rouge Ninja
Raiton: Lightning
Fuuton: Wind
Doton: Earth
<-------First Body
Katon: Fire
{Will be posted in the Jutsu Creation section}
Background Information:

The dawn of the shinobi is a swift and calm one. Its graceful but still waits for no one. Running through the hospital of Otogakure like a chicken with its head off he made his way into the room where it was just finishing. The Birth of Shinji Kousei, this boy was a brother to one other but they expected greatness from the both of them, at a young age they showed potential in many things such as interacting, leadership with other people as well as fast movement. The clan thought it was about time they started early training for the best of there clan. They wanted the two boys to become elite ninjas of there clan and there village. As they trained it felt good being able to learn how to defend yourself but they had to understand it was a lot more then that. As there training values and mind grew stronger so did there will power showing true skills they were given test to prove there worthy of the shinobi rank gennin. With hard work and skill they were given the rank of gennin.

Gennin arc:
Though being a gennin was great in all this would mean Shinji had to stock up on ninja items on a great scale. He didn’t see his brother around much anymore but he keep being a gennin of the sound. It was a bit difficult because a lot of ninjas had greater hearing abilities then him. So they beat him in a lot of things, but he never gave up. He was in a normal squad with a ninja from the waterfall village, and a ninja from grass village and there sensei was a powerful jounin from the Rain village. It was a brand new program that brought ninjas from different villages together to put in a squad for a better and more complex experience. They were always sent on missions that regard in finding people or a animal. Shinji easily grew tired of the missions and demanded higher ranks of missions. It took a month of complaining for them to realize he was completely serious and decided to give him better missions. They were then assigned to fight small rouge ninjas inside of the Rice field country. This was a lot more suitable for Shinji, though he then begin his elemental training of the Lightning Element. His training began when he was once sent on a mission to take out rouges about his level but when he watched his opponent they were able to take down opponents by paralyzing them and from that point on he took a deep interest in it. But in order to do that by the clan rules he must do it by there way, meaning having the element all around him but throwing it off at the same time making a balance with in. It took him quite a few days for him to master the element but once done he had a lot better understanding of it then in the beginning. He was a hell of a lot better ninja then about 74 percent of the rest of the gennin in his village. He became popular, of a since. He always knew what he was doing, he could never look stupid, and that’s when he decided to join the chuunin exams. Only the best of Otogakure joins the chuunin exams. He had to be given test of ability, with that he was pared with some unknown ninjas. Two of them to be exact, there mission was to spy then attack. Simple right, until Shinji was betrayed by his own ninjas and placed in a cell of the sort, This highly angered him greatly, eventually he was able to wait until they came to feed him and he attacked. Using there key to break free from the cuffs he was in. He roamed this rather large building trying to find the exit. When he found a door he had a little hope but when he opened it up the ninjas were sitting ready to kill. Shinji was forced to fight 5 ninjas at once. 2 were down, one was paralyzed and the other 2 wasn’t touched. Shinji was out of power and chakra. Then everything disappeared and the two ninjas given him his Chuunin vest appointing him to chuunin. The point was the best of the Otogakure DIDN’T need chuunin exams.

Chuunin arc:
Training became a lot harder for him because at the rank of chuunin is the level where there other stage of there bloodline begin to kick in. So he was always watched and documented on by a fellow clan member. This bothered him slightly but he went on like he new nothing until he was doing his first solo mission of capture and was being followed. Anger stroke the young ninja and he attacked using Lightning Release: Electrical push. Knocking him off balance having him to fall to the ground only for him to flee. But as he made his departure he saw the symbol of his clan on the mans shirt. Afterwards he went on and completed his mission of capture. After that mission he chilled a bit in his village. Or that was what it seemed like it, secretly he was watching his own clan and it seem they were preparing something up for him. He couldn’t explain what it was. At age 15, he was called in by a few members of his clan underground. They then showed him the other part of his famously strong Kekkai Genkai. Body control ability. Shinji how ever was interested in the mind part, he saw them experimenting with bodies and strangely a idea went to his head, he for the first time show at least some bit of a smirk. Running straight home where he sat down he awaited for the night. Once 5:00 struck he left a letter in the front of his clan leader of his locations and what he is going to be doing for a while to help out the clan as well as himself. He made his first appearance in the fire country outside of Konohagakure No Sato. He was seen waiting for something or someone rather. A squad of jounin came out of the gates, he watched and followed them until they were far away from the leaf village. Hioken Yamanaka- One of the best mental fighting ninjas in the hidden leaf village. He uses his powers to interrogate and gather information in seconds. It was perfect for Shinji; the perfect target that is, catching his team in a trap Hioken was able to dodge it. That is when Shinji fought him one on one, in the beginning as said it seemed like Hioken had him defeated. But in a instant Shinji caught him in a simple E-Ranked clone jutsu and using Lightning with a trapping cord he successfully captured his pray. Taking his body with him home he turned his body in for abilities. But he made sure to hide all the traces of his attack and event, he watched as his higher members of his clan using there mind abilities high level skill able to take the mans abilities and skill and place it into a orb. The clan ordered him not to touch the orb. But as stubborn as Shinji was he wanted power quickly, but he awaited a week. He read everything there is to know about his clan and was finished. He roamed around the country until he found a Rinnegan user, she was pretty cute. Her name was Kina Fuuma. She had a cousin who she hated with a large passion. He watched them fight one day, after that he left for something and promised he would be back. At this rate he was extreme Jounin level. He went back into the hall and touched the orb he was forbidden to touch. As he touched it he was given all kind of skills and information. He went back over to the location where Kina was, but when he came back her cousin was laying on the ground dead. But he searched for her and couldn’t find her any where. So he took her cousin Kaimesho Fuuma and took her body over. He soon after using his newly found mind abilities gave her back her jutsu, but she loss her Rinnegan eye, he gave her, her original personality but he was able to control her He new everything needed to know about her. She just recently gained her Rinnegan and only had power over one element. Fire. He makes her act like her personality. Once got back he never showed he had another body unless he was in a solo mission. He worked hard, once getting the bingo book he began going on hunts for the missing ninjas. He using his mind abilities gained a whole other level of ninjutsu at a incredible scale.

Current arc:
He had just been appointed to Jounin and he was then nagged at about touching the orb. They knew because they told him to touch it and then he didn’t feel anything. Then checking his mind found out it was him who touched it. But that’s all the information they could get because afterwards they tried but there minds ended up being hacked into. He was then feared through the clan. But he didn’t mind it, he did a lot of missions helping out the Rice field Country greatly once all the missions were done he left the village and clan in search of something better then what he had. He was confronted by a strange man, taking him out he took control of his body as well his destination Unknown.

RP Sample:
Gale wearing his normal jonnin clothing. He was seen in the training grounds. And if you can see what’s in front of him, you could see clearly that it was a clone. But the question wasn't why the clone was there, due to them being in the training grounds its simple that they are training. But what kind of training and what kind of clone it was. But the condition at the moment Gale was tired, he had been training for hours and he has been non stop activating and reactivating his sharingan trying to gain a vision of something. It was sharingan, he understood and studied the chakra system. And finally got his answer. He Activated sharingan one more time as he took a chakra pill” I can see it......"He said looking a bit cold-blooded. He could see free chakra released into the air after someone or something has released a jutsu or used chakra. The unused or chakra around the jutsu is pushed into the air and can not be seen by the naked eye.Doujutsu aren’t not there to see the chakra like that. But Gale trained his sharingan and was able to see it clearly. It looked like kind of a light blue air, mist or gas. And that was just raw chakra.

He slowly moved to the ground "Ok" He sat down and closed his eyes.” That was the hard part......the final session” he said quietly knowing no one was around him. He could see the chakra around him, he took a deep breath. He held his hands close and began performing hand seals. And he made a praying hand seals. Using his chakra he tried to push his chakra back even though it was in his body and suck it in. But that plan failed. He tried for about 3 times and still nothing. He afterwards sat there looking so clueless. He does more hand seals and push forward chakra into the air. The chakra was like a clear barely visible force, it went pass the raw flying chakra and Gale then was able to sense the chakra. He pulled back in his chakra force when he figured it was all of the chakra in that area, while pulling the raw chakra was inside the force so it went inside his body as well meaning Gale absorbed the chakra in the air. And he took a deep breath and it was a lot different then before. Last time it was extremely stuffy in the air. Now its clear and a bit windy. Gale learned how to see extra chakra, sensing chakra and absorbing that chakra.
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Shinji Kousei


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Finished ._.
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Shinji Kousei
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