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 ~ The Struggle to become more than just a Reflection ~ [Private]

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PostSubject: ~ The Struggle to become more than just a Reflection ~ [Private]   Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:27 pm

Sanada was practicing his hand to hand combat because his taijutsu was below standards however everything else was either exceeding or meeting the standards. His intellegence, his endurance, his speed all excelled greatly. His ninjutsu, his genjutsu. All meeting the standards and his strength and taijutsu both below standards. He wanted to be well rounded. To learn anything and everything and to become the best. To prove those who despise him wrong by becoming a hero. "Hah..." He said as he breathed heavily from the strain on his body from training. He wore his regular clothing which consists of black and orange pants. The black pants had orange rings around the ankles and just below the knee caps. Where he wore an orange belt. Blue and orange jacket and on the back it acted like a cloak as it dragged down, hanging just above the ground. Black fingerless gloves that matched his black ninja shoes. The jacket has a collar thats above the neck and could cover the lower face of the wearer. He usually wears it unzipped to the point of the bottom neck is exposed. He wears Orange shades-goggles type eyewear to compliment his outfit and appears to have a miz of black and blonde hair. Only the blonde appearing on the left side of his head. He was straighting a tree with his bear hands. In a combination or punches and kicks to strengthen his Hand to hand combat since his taijutsu wasn't so great. he had been training for long periods of time which only shows his endurance and determination to better himself. "Hah!" Was what he screamed everytime his punched or kicked the tree.



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Kurai Niwa
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PostSubject: Re: ~ The Struggle to become more than just a Reflection ~ [Private]   Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:43 pm

Kurai was also just finishing training and heading back to her clan grounds, alone as always. Her hands were bloodied and her shins were bruised as she heard his heavy breathing. She watched him for a while as he trained, silently impressed with how dedicated he was. She'd seen that boy in one of her classes once. He was a smart kid, but he'd never even noticed her. Not that she could blame him, nobody DID notice her anyway. Sighing slightly, she sat down on an upturned tree, wiping her bloodied palms on the sleeves of the kimono, wincing at the stinging sensation.

A Broken Heart...Stricken By Grief.
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~ The Struggle to become more than just a Reflection ~ [Private]
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