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 [ [T] a s k i [T] a k a t o ] 2.0 WIP

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PostSubject: [ [T] a s k i [T] a k a t o ] 2.0 WIP   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:45 pm

Basic Information.

[Takato Taski]

[Akatsuki Leader]




[Observing from afar]

[Annoying and Irritating people]
[Dull/Intresting and unintellegent conversations]

[Takato Clan]

[Taski is a sweet and harmless guy. Takes up from his father's personality and doubled by his mother's. He loves animals, Brave, he loves action yet is gentle as a flower. He loves horror and would risk his life to protect his friends and helpless people from their fears and horrors that lies within the shadows. He would dive in the pools of danger just to pull out a drowing friend in need of a Life guard from heaven. Neighbors refers to him as an Angel because of his good deeds as a child. He is intellegent yet common sense comes slow to young Taski for he is a bit clueless. He is adventurous, he wants to go out and learn more. He uses logic expertly, and wants to know the meaning of the world. The meaning of Life, he is a thinker and a fighter. He has a passion for protection others and killing others aswell. He loves to drink and eat and is ultimately friendly until it comes to battling yet at the same time, fierce and dangerous. After a good battle he likes to take a rest, resting the mind is good relief of stress and since he studies the mind, he needs to take care and understand his mind first. Fruit is something he adores in any food he eats. He loves those good moments and having alot of fun. He is also a couch potato. He is a bit lazy from time to time but not all the time. He watches television and listen to music aswell. Sometimes, non-chalantly he searches for someone he can spend the rest of his life with. Explosions attract him for some strange reason aswell.

Taski puts others before him which is his biggest flaw because, he would rather let harm and danger come to him before it comes to other he care deeply for. Even though he is in pain, he would put on a mask of Happiness for the benefit of seeing other not worry about him. Some would say that it's sweet and kind, however that may be true. It is killing him inside because all of that bottled up hidden emotion is eating him up inside and their is no one that can see through the thick layer upon layer of deception to rescue himself from himself. Not even his parents. As he gotten older now, his emotions started to fade away slowly, because he can never find happiness. His emotions slowly died to blank, to the point where emotions are nothing to him. He is to do what he is told. However there are still ways to reach his deep, hidden emotions locked inside his heart. However no one even tried or could do it. As he grew older. His kindness changed. He is now more level headed. He is very intellegent and smart under that mask. Taski disguises his chakra from familiar places and faces under a fuinjutsu mask that disguises every characteristic and trait of the wearer. Thus Taski can become a new person but must wear the mask to do so. Taski voice changes and he takes on a opposite personality. He isn't muniplative, cunning and evil however he can still think that way. It won't be expressed through actions and words. In this state, which he refers to as "Sabi" he acts playfully and childish. With his signature catch phrase, "Wanna play a game?".]


Ninja Information.

[Kumogakure No Sato - Hidden Cloud Village]

[S-Ranked Missing Nin]
[Global Terrorist]
[Akatsuki Leader]


[Raiton - Lightning Element]
[Katon - Fire Element]
[Suiton - Water Element]
[Doton - Earth Element]
[Paper/Origami Release]



Jutsu:(Genin get basic academy and five element jutsu,Chunin get basic,and fifteen element,jounin get basic,and up to 25 to 30 jutsu.There are no stipulations to not using all of the,just that your character may be weaker than you would like.Also taijutsu and genjutsu,plus summons do not take room those are a given.)

Summons:(make sure they are approved and give us the link to your approved summon application)

[Shinkou Kanchi/Tomokenzangan - Hateshinai(Everlasting) Jigen]


Other:(such as mastery)

Background Information

Family:(both living and dead please)

Bio:(must be atleast two paragraphs or more.Please put arcs such as:Birth arc,gennin arc.Stuff like that)

Rp sample:(the higher in rank you go the longer it should be)
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[ [T] a s k i [T] a k a t o ] 2.0 WIP
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