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 Kurai Niwa 2.0 [WIP]

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Kurai Niwa
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PostSubject: Kurai Niwa 2.0 [WIP]   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:59 am

Basic Information.

Name: Niwa Kurai

Nickname: The Ice Woman

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: The snow, quiet, company, affection.

Dislikes: Arrogance, idiocy, Superiority complexes.


Personality: Kurai is not who people percieve her to be. She has been described as a cold woman, without showing any emotion when possible. This is quite the contrary. Kurai is a very kind woman and a loving mother to her baby daughter, Aoi. She watches over the snow as best she can and never hesitates to give up her duties for the sake of helping someone who needs it. All in all, Kurai is a very sensitive and giving person, and only holds the title of 'Ice Woman' because she behaves rather cold towards people she doesn't know in the fear of becoming close to them and losing them so she keeps them at a distance.

Normal: [Although her hair is more about halfway down her back]

Spirit Form:

Gobi Form: [although again with longer hair]

Generally, Kurai is a rather beautiful woman. Her body is rather curvacious and her skin is very smooth. It is also very pale but never in an unhealthy manner. Her eyes are a very vibrant green and her lips are a pale pink. She has very soft cheekbones so her face is a very gentle shape. These general characteristics hang around as her forms shift, but her hair colour changes from black, to either purple or snow white and her eyes change from green to either purple or silver. She is normally seen either wearing form-fitting battle robes or just general shinobi gear. She doesn't like distinguishing herself from her people as she wants to be their equal rather than their leader.

Ninja Information.

Village: Snow

Rank: Yukikage

Organization: None

Elements: Since she is the Gob no Houkou's host, she has all 5.


Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Gen & Tai

Weaknesses: Kurai hesitates when faced with killing. She's never been able to bring herself to do it which puts her at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

Jutsu: See next post.

Summons: None. Shia is constantly with her.

Blood line: Spirit manipulation and communication. See clan.

Weapons Basic ninja weaponary; Kunai, shuriken, senbon needles, katana, sais etc. No special weaponary.

Other: Host to the Gobi No Houkou, whom she has formed a rather strong bond with over the years.

Background Information


Aoi Niwa - Mother - Deceased
Riku Niwa - Father - Deceased
Daichi Niwa - Brother - Deceased
Risa Niwa - Sister - Deceased
Kai Niwa - Brother - Deceased
Ayame Niwa - Sister - Deceased

Haname Niwa - Aunt [Mothers Side] - Deceased
Hayate Niwa - Uncle [Mothers Side] - Deceased

Aiko Niwa - Grandmother [Mothers Side] - Deceased
Isamu Niwa - Grandfather [Mothers Side] - Deceased

Kohaku Niwa - Aunt [Fathers Side] - Deceased
Michi Niwa - Uncle [Fathers Side] - Deceased

Ren Niwa - Grandmother [Fathers Side] - Deceased
Yori Niwa - Grandfather [Fathers Side] - Deceased

Aoi Uchiha-Niwa - Daughter - Living

Birth Arc -

Academy Arc -

Rp sample:(the higher in rank you go the longer it should be)

A Broken Heart...Stricken By Grief.
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Kurai Niwa 2.0 [WIP]
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