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 [ Kirai ~ Savior of this World ]

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PostSubject: [ Kirai ~ Savior of this World ]   Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:08 pm

Basic Information:

[Kirai Rikudou]


God (神, Kami)

Child of the Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko)

Saviour of this World (この世の救世主, Kono Yo no Kyūseishu)




"D e v a P a t h"

"A n i m a l P a t h"

[~Kirai's personality is calm. Cooled and collected. Kirai is very level headed. Smart strategist and brilliant fighter. His strategies were on point and still is to this very point now. As he grew up. It didn't really change at all. Having become a calm, serious, aloof, and detached man. He also feels he is a race beyond the human race. He is evolved the primitive mind of the mere human. He also believes that he is completely unique in everyway. He is enlightened to the fact that his power could protect thousands or destroy them within an instant. He considers himself a deity. A Demi-God. A higher being. He also shows no moral qualms about his actions. Which considers him cold hearted and cruel. He is here for a reason. His goal is to bring piece to the ninja world and if that means getting rid of those who try to stop his peace. He would do nothing but End their life. He even went so far as to proclaim himself a "god of peace", "god of evolution" and lastly, "god of enlightenment". He believes he can pave the way for others that he deems worthy to walk through. He decided that he will be the judge and decide people fates with his power. However, he is seen to be quite respectful, particularly to the fallen and the dead. Given his former comrades' frequent bickering, he often restrained them, and encouraged better relations among partners and comrades. Out of respect, after killing someone he would stay for a moment of silence. While controling his Deva path. He seems to express all of his personality through his path except the moment of silent respect for the dead. While in the body of his Deva path. He would just move on and about. The body of Deva Path is suppose to represent the advanced human and evolution that Kirai has step into. Also, his animal path seems to be even colder and cruel.

[Being Praised]
[Battling and showing off his power]

[Being Disrespected]
[Not being praised]
[Being Insulted]



[Kusagakure No Sato]




[S-Ranked Village Leader]






  • Yin and yang

    Chakra Disruption Blades


    Giant Drill-Beaked Bird

    Giant Multi-Headed Dog

    Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon

    Giant Panda

    Giant Ram

    Giant Rhino

    Giant Crustacean

    Giant Centipede

    The other Paths of Pain


    Amplification Summoning Technique

    Animal Path

    Asura Path

    Banshō Ten'in

    Blocking Technique Absorption Seal

    Chakra Propulsion Boots

    Chibaku Tensei

    Deva Path

    Earth Release: Earth Style Wall (Anime only)

    Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique (Anime only)

    Five Seals Barrier

    Flaming Arrow Missiles

    Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability

    Human Path

    Laser Explosion

    Magic Lantern Body Technique

    Mind Reading

    Mirrored Sudden Attacker Technique

    Naraka Path

    Outer Path

    Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique (Manga only)

    Preta Path

    Rain Tiger at Will Technique

    Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals

    Shadow Clone Technique (Anime only)

    Shapeshifting Technique

    Shinra Tensei

    Six Paths of Pain

    Soul Removal

    Summoning Technique

    Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path (Manga only)

    Water Release: Violent Water Wave (Anime only)
  • Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm

    Background Information:

    [As a young child in the village of Kusagakure No Sato, young Kirai's parents were proclaimed died from an intense death from enemy ninja. During their deaths, Kirai however was only the amounts of years equal to five. He was already training himself in the arts of Samurai swordsmenship. He swings his unique gifted sword of the Katamari Dynasty who is the Daimyou of the Fire Country. With this being said. Kirai trained horribly tough with them, the dynasty were in synchronization and marrige law with priestess while the males grew up specializing in samurai training and females in spells of priestess. The daimyou who was the current leader of the dynasty had his son adopt Kirai when the news went out that his parents had fallen to the mighty blade of Kusagakure No Sato's ninja. Kirai was enraged when he heard the news but wasn't too devastated. He knew his parents were no good from the first place which was the start of his heart changing more into the dark, evil side. Sakimaru, the Former ANBU Member of Kusagakure who has retired, adopted Kirai as his father wished and took a huge liking to the young boy, him and his lover did and so did the boy to the couple. Kirai then found out how amazing his family was, how his foster mother preformed amazing rituals and spells without handseals but only prayers. She was a young and beautiful priestess who fell in love with Sakimaru and his nindo.

    Sakimaru, a skilled ninja who was actually good enough to be an ANBU captain resigned the offer to stay home and have a happy life with his wife, his lover who he cared dear for the most until he finally had a child of his own, to pass own his ninja Legacy but what he didn't know is that Divine however wanted to make all parts of his family happy and that was to be a samurai martial artist and ninja priest all wrapped into one being. Chakra and Chi, concentration and focus. Light and darkness. Decisions, Decisions went through the mind, body and sould of young Kirai who just made it six years of age. He was so young yet so much to deal with at a young age that all that childhood personality and all that negative energy, all the pressure thats making him going a bit insane formed slowly as he grew each second. He grew older and wiser, and at age seven he made his decision to make those that love him happy by mastering all four positions in this world. Kirai started with Being a Samurai and a Martial Artist. He trained for many years, training of the body, mind and spirit. Building Chi as he went on mind journeys to build his character, to know his place in the world. He climbed mountain tops along with his samurai and martial arts class. Fought and defeated many opponents. Using his Chi like Chakra, he was incredibly intellegent. This boy wasn't ordinary, he was different, as if a completely new person was right along side of him the whole journey. That Negative energy was growing intensely but that didn't stop Kirai from making his family happy. He felt something odd but didn't know what it was, he tried locking in himself with the world, with nature, being able to actually use his chi and all he has learned.Being linked with Nature is a great asset to Kirai's arsenal seeing as he was a born scientist and experimentalist.

    Now He has done so from the age of Seven to the age of twelve where his Father's and Mother's part came in, where he had to practice being a priest and being a ninja aswell. He was a master of stealth already, he found his calling in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. He was amazing in such, soon after becoming a Genin, He felt hatred for the first time. Hating all that were stupid, hating all that were ignorant and non-serious because he gave up his childhood to please his family, he doesn't really give a care about how other's feel seeing as he lost a whole period of his life. Maybe it was the darker side talking, maybe that darker side was getting to Kirai but yet, that other half was giving Kirai a hella hard time. He had to name it and tame it as soon as possible to regain himself. That darker side turned out to be which his eyes showed. It was the rinnegan. Most people that surrounded themsevles around Kirai didn't really know what it was. They believed it was a permanent Doujutsu and the abilities aren't yet discovered. It was strange however over time, Kirai showed what his power could do. Soon he took over the village of Kusagakure and Village Leader and Join akatsuki because he liked thier plans. Their cause. Instead of using a dead body as a path. He had his Kusagakure ninja design an artificial metal body. It was immovable unless chakra was stored inside. Kirai placed his chakra blades within the body and used it as the Deva Path. A female decided to give up herself in order to serve her "God" which is what Kirai was viewed as in that village. She is currently used as the Animal Path.]


    RP Sample:
    [Tis Aub again :] ]
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    [ Kirai ~ Savior of this World ]
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