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 Naruto: Chains of Fate

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PostSubject: Naruto: Chains of Fate   Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:29 pm

Naruto: Chains of Fate
We invite you to come to our new Naruto site! It's a text base roleplaying site that takes place in the very beginning of the Shippuden Era! Naruto has just gotten back from his 2 1/2 years of training! But hold on, that doesn't mean everything is the same as the shows. Make your own Shinobi and give them their legacy! Make them grow to become the Hokage! A Sannin! Or even, god forbid it, an Akatsuki!

In this rp, we allow canon Characters and Custom Characters, both to interact, explore, get stronger, and even find love. Anything can happen, as long as your heart is set to it.

We are currently a new site, so we need as many members as we can get! So at least check out the site if you're not sure if you're up to coming here!
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Naruto: Chains of Fate
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