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 Shiotsu Clan

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Mearii Shiotsu


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PostSubject: Shiotsu Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:55 pm

Name: Shiotsu Clan
Manifestation: Doujutsu (Eye Bloodline)
Kekkei Genkai: Ishikigan

Clans History:
The Shiotsu clan had originated in Forest Country where they resided as tribes. They were common to others to be ones that studied the mind, body, and senses. They then had inherited the senses eye when discovering way to enhance the senses in battle. It allowed them to sense more clearly in their surroundings. Eventually, they then began studying the Taijutsu and were to learn more about it to become elite shinobi. Mearii had been born into the heir of the clan, possessing Ishikigan and learning the ways of Taijutsu.

When the clan had first originated, it had begun with the leader, Jubi Shiotsu, who was born 100 years prior to the series of Naruto. He had been taught in the ways of Taijutsu, and had mastered it quickly as a young boy, being called a prodigy by most in his village. When he had grown older, being a young adult, he had left with followers of him, who adored his style of Taijutsu. Together, they had isolated themselves to learn Taijutsu and to start a clan of their own. The Shiotsu clan.

As the years passed, Jubi had also been known for his great swordsmanship. He held a blade that was dear to him, a kusanagi, from which he had earned from being a victorious shinobi when fighting against the Hidden Grass. When Jubi had died, the sword had been passed down to his son, Koga. From then on, it had been tradition to pass on the sword to the next born son of the heir of that family.

When Koga had been given responsibility to be the leader of the clan once his father had died, he had started to train harder when it came to taijutsu. He studied himself, his surroundings, and his movements as he fought, in hope to one day figure out the secret of enhancing his own senses. When others of the clan followed, they had as well been successful of learning about themselves, combat-wise. As time went on, eventually, Koga had created a doujutsu to enhance the senses, which he named Ishikigan.

When he had taught his to the others of the clan, they had become so used to the jutsu, it eventually became an involuntary trait in their blood, the children being born with it. With more to learn from it, they had eventually come to find the different stages to unlock for it, which caused them to train even harder.

When Koga had finally mastered all the stages of Ishikigan, he had come across a new technique in the doujutsu, the 6th sense. He had asked others of the clan if they had discovered this technique, but they ether said they had not mastered Ishikigan, or tha thy had different techniques. He eventually came to learn that each member will have a different final ability.

Eventually, years after Koga's death, the clan had then traveled from Forest Country to Konohagakure in hopes for better lives. Because of the clans greatness in numbers, konohagakure had given an area just for a compound to be made for the Shiotsus. They had lived there ever since. Over time, the compound had grown more elegant for the Shiotsu taste, looking more like small temples with tatami sliding doors instead of small houses. The heir of the family had always lived in the biggest house, in the middle of the compound.

Years later, as the Shiotsu had grown larger in numbers, Kohei, leader of the clan, and his wife Shinbi had given birth to their first daughter, Mearii Shiotsu. Being of the heir of the family, she was treated like royalty among the Shiotsu's, but she sti had been neglected in ways. Her father being a sensei and her mother an ANBU, they were often away from home. She was left to take care of herself. Because of this, she had a tendency to wander off without warning. She had hen met her cousin Sinna, who from then on had taken care of her and she looked up to her.

As years passed, about 12 to be exact, after Mearii's birth, strange thongs had been happening for the Shiotsu clan. With things seeming to be more quiet, Mearii was a bit confused and new something was up. After a month or so, the clan had completely vanished. With no remains or any clues, Mearii and her cousin Sinna were the only ones left in the entire clan. Even their parents were gone. Mearii, who was scared for her life, had moved in with Sinna, who promised to take care of her. Unfortunately, just after Mearii had passed the Chunin exams, Sinna had gone mentally disable and had ran off and disappeared as well. In later months, she had been ranked an S Class for affiliating with a deadly group named Hitogoroshi And woth Orochimaru. Just as Mearii thought things could not get worse, she had gone on a mission in the Hidden Sound, where she had found information about her lost clan. She even found the grave spot where they were kept in. She had found that both Orochimaru and Sinna were behind the disappearance--and now massacre of the Shiotsu clan.

With that much information, Mearii and Sinna are the only known survivors of that clan. No one else has been known to escape it. At first, Sinna had admitted that she left Mearii alive because she loved her, but then had explained the only reason was because "Orochimaru saw potential in her".

Clan Jutsu:

Zero Tomoe: This unlocks the first sense of sight. You are able to see of farther distance of better lighting. You may also see in the dark.
To activate, you simply say "Ishikigan."

First Tomoe: This unlocks the 2nd sense, and you are able to have increased hearing and eyesight. You can hear a farther distance and are able to see in the dark and through objects clearly.
This automatically activates.

Second Tomoe: this unlocks the 3rd sense, smell. You are able to see in the darkness, through object and farther distance, hear from as far as 2 miles away, and smell as keen as a wolf. Smelling varies from 10 ft to 2 miles, depending on how advanced they are in the second tomoe.
This automatically activates.

Third Tomoe: This unlocks the 4th sense, taste. When tracking, you will be able to taste the odors to track more efficiently. You may see great distances, in the dark, and through objects with no struggle, hear far distances, and smell far distances.
This automatically activates.

Dokoshinjutsu Ishikigan: This unlocks all 5 senses. You may taste strongly, smell in far distances, see through objects, in the dark, and far distance without struggle, and hear up to 4 miles away. You then can touch the smallest thing and feel the vibrations around yourself to tell if someone is stealth will approach.
To activate, you must say "Dokoshinjutsu Ishikigan".

Kyuu Dokoshinjutsu Ishikigan: This unlocks all 5 senses to their farthest advancements and allows genjutsu. Kyuu Dokoshinjutsu triggers after you have activated Dokoshinjutsu. When using, many genjutsu's may not take affect on the users. They cannot see what does not exist. The only possible genjutsu that may be allowed to get through is Tsukuyomi, Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan technique. All of the senses are unlocked and you may hear, see, taste, smell, and feel stronger than the regular human shinobi would be able to.
After mastering Kyuu Dokoshinjutsu Ishikigan, the user will learn a special technique custom to that user only. Mearii is currently learning "The 6th Sense" from her custom ability.
To activate, you say "Kyuu Dokoshinjutsu Ishikigan".

Appearance of Ishikigan
The Ishikigan shines with an ominous black glow. Only the pupil will darken until completely black. No marks appear on the eyes at first, they only seem to change colors. The stages are Zero Tomoe, First Tomoe, Second Tomoe, Third Tomoe, Dokoshinjutsu, and Kyuu Dokoshinjutsu.
The tomoe's are white and appear like circular dots.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiotsu Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:45 pm

A P P R O V E D ~ !
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Shiotsu Clan
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