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Shinji Kousei


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PostSubject: Click, Click, Boom   Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:39 pm

It was about time for Shinji Kousei to make a name in the world. This was something he was most famous for; he decided to think about how he would do it. He then made his first World though, attack a Bijuu, but the thought of it was pretty intense. He would first have to find one, it was though to be harder then expected but he found one. Then he just said fuck it attack Kirigakure just because. A woman around the ages of her early 20’s was seen with a large normal black cloak moving towards the gates with no emotion at all. She sighs lightly, as she begin her attack by slamming her hands on the ground “Katon Release” she said lightly as a red seal appear. A new technique she just made at the moment as she step back. The seal shoots fire blast upwards into the air, where the clouds hit the projectiles of fire. Kaimesho then hide in the bushes where the Kirigakure ninja, about 3 jounin went to investigate the seal and once there was taken down by Kaimesho Katon Release Fire Spiral Wave which caught them by surprised. Then Fire projectiles all slammed down into East, West, North as well as South Entrance and exit gates. The impact killed many, that’s when she moved in making it inside the village which wasn’t hard because the gates and guarding ninjas were destroyed and killed. She waited for the Mizukage to appear with her left hand on her hip.
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Haku Raikou
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PostSubject: Re: Click, Click, Boom   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:12 pm

(OOC: Dude.....LOL. There are so many things wrong with this post, it is incredible. Firstly, how did you even get to the village if you never even made a Traveling Topic to get to Water Country? Also, you would be completely and utterly slaughtered by the sheer number of Mist Ninja, NPC's included, before I would even have to show up. You can say the village will be destroyed all you want if I don't post by 12:00 tonight but using logic, NPC's would completely swarm and kill you long before I even have to show up)

My demon, the Rokubi no Raijuu, the Six-Tailed Weasel Demon
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