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 Benikei Geikouba

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PostSubject: Benikei Geikouba   Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:28 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Benikei Geikouba

Nickname: Inari

Age: 22

Gender: male


Personality: Unlike many others of his clan Benikei is hyper and crazy. He loves nature but understands that nature is anything but peaceful. He is understanding, sometimes lazy, and flirtatious. He is unusually smart and protective.

Likes: Being around Friends, and family.

Dislikes: Arrogant fools, thinking that they can beat anyone.

Extras: Extremely flexible and strong.

Shinobi Information:

Village: looking

Clan: Geikouba

Rank: Wandering Ninja (A ranked)

Elements: earth water plants

Weapons: A normal Katana


Clan Jutsu: Name: Kouba no Jutsu
Rank: C-S
Element: plants (earth water)
Type: Nin
Description: Creates plants, that are high durable to natural events, such as winter, desserts, or even shadows. These plants may have a mind of their own, but usually are mindless, and will always follow the makers orders. These plants can cause genjutsu and the lists of poisons above, the stronger the person the stronger the plant.
Weaknesses: fire, lightning

Background Information:


Family: no one yet

RP Sample: "I'm mostly here to watch.... and help... youll probably have to fight him at least once... and your Hollow is your Zanpokuto... its the only way for hollowfication... now then... but i cant help you when you fight him... but ill get him for you" He smirked and summoned Kurohime to him. She was a young women in the middle of blossoming. She had red long hair, and was five foot six. She had on a short skirt giving an almost perfect veiw if it was a few inches shorter, but somehow always covered her. "sense him?" Kurohime pointed under the lake. "well get him out here"
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Benikei Geikouba
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