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 Hana Clan

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Kurai Niwa
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PostSubject: Hana Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:36 pm

Name: Hana
Manifestation: The technique lies in the users hands.
Kekkei Genkai: The users hands contain different types and variations of poison. Each finger contains a different poison, adapted for a different use.

History: The Hana clan have always resided in Konohagakure. They served as florists and grew most species of flower in their clan gardens. From poison ivy to white roses, they had them all. The elders would blend together different flowers for medicinal purposes and such like, making the Hana clan rather adaptable medics too. The clan is mostly silver-haired individuals and so it is easy to spot them. Their kekkei genkai has been refined over the years, combining poisons with flowers and using them in their attacks, making the Hana clan also well adapted to the Earth Style techniques. From the day the clan was formed, each member was always given a tattoo on some part of their body. With women, it was more the arms, legs of between the shoulderblades while males were normally either on the chest, stomach of neck. Each were given a particular animal with a symbollic meaning. Tsuki's tattoo, the phoenix, means to rise from the ashes so they expected her to rise from the ashes of the clan to do them proud. Ayaka's was the lioness; proud, strong and ferocious when angered. Just a couple of examples of what each tattoo meant to each member and what was expected of them. As the years passed, the Hana went from 'poisonous freaks' to a widely accepted clan among the Leaf villagers, being called upon frequently in times of need in both hospitals and in battle.

Clan Jutsu:

Name: Poison Ivy's Lullaby
Rank: B
Element: KKG
Description: The poison in question is shot from the thumb. This poison acts as something of a tranquliser, putting the victim to sleep should it hit them. It would have to be in bare skin for the poison to be absorbed into the bloodstream and the poison takes about 5 minutes to go into effect. During this time, the victim gets more and more sluggish as the poison takes hold, making them tired and slightly unfocused. Every Hana member carries an antidote for said poison.

Name: Shock of the Thistle
Rank: B
Element: KKG
Description: This poison is shot from the index finger. The poison, providing it doesn't miss and hits bare skin, causes the opponents limbs to slowly seize up, preventing movement or at least rapidly descreasing their speed. The poison takes about 10 minutes to fully kick in, so the decline in speed is slow but definitely visible. Every Hana member carries an antidote for said poison

Name: Mute of the White Rose
Rank: B
Element: KKG
Descripion: This poison is shot from the middle finger. This poison, unlike the others, needs to hit anywhere from the neck upwards to have any effect. This poison goes straight to the victims ears, decreasing their hearing or just blocking it out altogether. At a time of about 3 minutes, it comes into effect more rapidly than the others but this poison also fades after about 10 minutes so the antidote for this is rarely needed. Every Hana member carries an antidote for said poison.

Name: Hibiscus Burn
Rank: A
Element: KKG
Description: This poison is shot from the ring finger. Again, it needs to hit bare skin to take effect and must not miss. The poison, once absorbed into the bloodstream, raises the bodys temperature to soaring heights. This can cause anything to collapsing from heat exhaustion to just a mild case of heat stroke. It depends how much poison lands on the body. It takes about 6 minutes to completely seep in, and for the specific effect to take hold. Every Hana member carries an antidote for said poison.

Name: Snowdrops Frostbite
Rank: A
Element: KKG
Description: This poison is shot from the pinky finger. This poison is also different from the other 4. This poison, although again having to hit bare skin, sits on top of the skin and crystalises. This causes an initial drop in body temperature as the crystalised material is very cold to the touch. It has tiny barbs on the top which act like icicles, hurting the victim if they try to pry the poison off of them. If they can push through the drop in temperature, this poison is relatively easy to bear with. Every Hana member carries and antidote for said poison.

Name: Garden of Combined Poisons
Rank: S
Element: KKG
Description: This final jutsu is formed by the use of all 5 poisons at any one time. For the jutsu to take hold, all 5 poisons MUST touch bare skin. If even one poison misses or hits clothing, this jutsu will NOT work. If and when all 5 poisons land on the skin, it basically turns into a mixture of an acid and a drug. It burns away at the skin, but it numbs the pain receptors in the victims body so the victim doesn't feel a thing whilst their skin is slowly being dissolved bit by bit. Once the poison wears the skin away, it will indeed eat away at the victims limbs until they can either wash the poison off, get the antidote, surrender or perish. Every Hana member carries an antidote for said poison.

Stages: No Stages.

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PostSubject: Re: Hana Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:48 pm

A P P R O V E D ~ !
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Hana Clan
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