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 Harra Clan

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Rabbid Kunoichi


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PostSubject: Harra Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:51 pm

Name: Harra Clan
Manifestation: There is no exact manifestation known. It is a temporary evolution of the individual that will enhance the strength, structure and ability.
Genkai: Mystic Cupid
-The user develops an armor matching the personality of him/her with varying advantages depending on the individual. A kanji of their superior element is hidden somewhere on the outside of the armor and if pierced will stop the activation of the Kekkei Genkai. If the user values speed: Armor is Light, Defense is Low, Attack is High
If the user values attack: Armor is Avg., Defense is Avg., Attack is High
If the user values defense: Armor is Heavy, Defense is High, Attack is Low

Along with the armor the user MAY develop wings given he/she has an armor of speed. They are feathered with light armor rimming the base of the wings. The wings are only big enough to mount the user up into the air for aerial advantages and advanced speed.

Mystic Cupids also develop have and when activated, develop new jutsu pertaining to their superior element and are given advanced control over it in one specific form.
Ex. [And NOT limited to picking from these forms]
Water: Bubbles
Fire: Embers
Electric: Sparks
Earth: Rocks

When activating the Kekkei Genkai the user is bound to the evolved form till he/she is exhausted of chakra, the armor is shattered due to the piercing of the kanji or the will to stop it if the user is finished with the form and chooses to end it before the exhaustion of his/her chakra.

Overall, in this form the user is equipped with armor (and wings), a stronger flow of chakra, increased stats according to armor and new jutsu as well as power over a single form of their superior element.

Clans History: The Harra Clan was a beautiful nomadic group that performed for the five great nations annually. Traditionally the youngest girl of the family was left in one of the nations to marry every 15 years. Their powers were not immediately recognized till one of the youngest girls not yet ready to be married off was kidnapped by a shinobi of the Leaf Village for the young man desired the girl and refused to wait being that the next daughter was for the Sand village.
Because the girl was not of the age they were usually sent away her family declared war on the nation given their daughter was not returned within the next 72 hours. The Harra Clan began attacks on Konoha but when the Leaf retaliated the nomadic performers revealed their powers in order to defend their young and retrieve their daughter. Many had either died or were captured for the study of their Kekkei Genkai but from the inhumane actions from either side they settled on one final truce promising one final daughter if the Leaf halted the attack and left the family be.
The size of the Clan has died down since and they no longer make performances. Most of the remaining family was separated but their name is guarded by the truce of the Leaf banning all further studies of their alien powers.
Clan Jutsu:
* requires Mystic Cupid Evolution

Name: Reflexive Barrier
Rank: C
Element: Superior Element of User
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The single form of the superior element of the user will shield the individual from harm the moment he/she recognizes an incoming threat like a reflexive defense.
Weaknesses: It can only perfectly shield against nin. and taijutsu moves up to rank C. All others only sever the total damage.

*Name: Cupids Arrow
Rank: S
Element: Superior Element of User
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The Harra draws back his/her arm as if preparing to fire an arrow. As soon as enough chakra is focused into the palm of the hand drawn back the Harra releases the tips of his/her fingers and an arrow spirals forward as if spat out from the palm of the hand. It radiates with the energy from the superior element and upon impact or a far enough distance it explodes into a beautiful dome of light causing great damage and destruction to a large area. It 85% of the time kills all within the dome of the arrow otherwise leaving many injured and dead but is hazardous to largely populated areas. An attack commonly used during the war with Konoha.
Weaknesses: It is very chakra consuming and can only be used 5 times within a span of two weeks without killing the user.

Name: Fates Favor
Rank: D
Element: n/a
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This jutsu was only used to select the groom to wed the next daughter. The user must take hair and blood from the bride to be and burns it before using a series of hand signs. From that the potential mate is marked where the child is tattooed at birth. The mark is never the same but the bride will sense him when near.
Weaknesses: They do not know what he looks like.
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Kurai Niwa
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PostSubject: Re: Harra Clan   Tue Jul 06, 2010 5:59 pm


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Harra Clan
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