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PostSubject: kumori   Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:23 pm

Basic Information






Personality:He can be very stubborn at times but besides that he's respectful well mannered and is very decent to be around.

Likes: His wife, and snow

Dislikes:people who run their mouth too much


specialties: (Can communicate with souls and bring people back from the dead see clan)

Village:Hidden snow village



Elements: water ,wind, and fire.

link to approved weapons]

Summons:[provide link to approved

Jutsu:Name of Jutsu: Fireblast
Rank: B
Type of
: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity:
Description: After forming a few hand seals
and gathering chakra in their lungs the user will breath forth a
powerful gout of flame. The flame blows out from their mouth into a
cone of fire that’s up to 20 meters long, and 10 meters wide.

Name of Jutsu: Fireball
Rank: C-A
Type of
: C-A
Element Affinity:
Description: After forming a few hand seals
and focusing fire chakra into their lungs, the user of this jutsu then
spits forth a compressed ball of fire and chakra. When the ball impacts
something it will explode with force depending on the chakra used. C
rank explodes with a radius of 3 meters, B rank explodes with 6 meters,
and A rank explodes with 12meters.

Name of Jutsu: Dragon Flame
Rank: B
Type of
: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity:
Description: After forming several hand signs
and gathering chakra in their lungs the user will shoot out a narrow jet
of fire that is blazing hot. The stream is up to 35 meters long, but
only 10 meters wide. It burns red hot and is composed of a liquid mix
of fire and burning hot chakra. Those caught in the stream will be
horribly burnt by the jutsu. Anything flammable struck by this jutsu
will be instantly ignited and set ablaze.

Name: Mystical Palm Technique
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up
the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands
into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a
patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it
highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external
and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to
the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount
of chakra control. Because of this, only a few highly skilled
medical-nin are able
to use this technique.

Name of Jutsu: Sanitize
Users: Medics
Type of
: Medical
Element Affinity:
Description: This jutsu will kill bacteria, as
well as other simple organisms, such as slimes and molds and fungi.
This destroys both air borne and those that exist on the ground within a
radius of the jutsu used. This can also be used on a person or general
area to ward off infection or illness, or the spread or effects of
diseases. This can also be used to counteract the effects of alcohol or
other intoxicants.

Nanukayami Fever

Rank: C-Rank

Range: Close

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: None

Clan: None

Description: First off the Plagued Rats will
start by climbing on to the target or jumping/climbing over it and then
they will urinate on them, yes they will urinate on them. If the urine
is ingested or comes into contact with the skin the target will
immediately get infected by a disease called Leptospirosis also known as
canefield fever and nanukayami fever. In humans, leptospiral infection
causes a wide range of symptoms. Leptospirosis is a biphasic disease that begins with flu-like symptoms
(fever, chills, myalgias, intense headache). The first phase resolves
and the patient is asymptomatic briefly before the second phase begins
that is characterized by meningitis, liver damage (causing jaundice),
and renal failure. Because of the wide range of symptoms the infection
is often wrongly diagnosed. Symptoms of leptospirosis include high
fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting, and may
include jaundice, red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and/or a rash. The
symptoms in humans appear after a 4-14 day incubation period in normal
cases but the rats fuse some of the summoner’s chakra when they are
summoned and speed up the effects of the disease so after a few minutes
the target will have First Phase symptoms and after a whole day they
will have Second Phase symptoms ending in death if not treated. There
are no human vaccines, Human therapeutic dosage of drugs is as follows:
doxycycline 100 mg orally every 12 hours for 1 week or penicillin 1-1.5
MU every 4 hours for 1 week. Doxycycline 200-250 mg once a week is
administered as a prophylaxis.

blade of wind
This technique is a pinpoint slashing strike, where the user emits
chakra from their fingertips and materializes it into an invisible
sword that assaults the enemy in a gust of wind and making a slicing
sound. If the Sickle Weasel Technique
can be regarded as a swarm of wind kunai, then this jutsu is an
uncatchable, unavoidable longsword. It leaves very deep slashes on the


wind release:vacuum wave
The user takes a deep breath and spins his body around while exhaling a
large blade of wind so that it covers an angle of about 180 degrees
around the user. The resulting blast is large enough to slice through
multiple targets, causing great damage. While more than sufficient to
cause crippling, if not fatal, damage, it is incapable of cutting all
the way through human flesh. It is similar to Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere, but it releases one large blade instead of several smaller blasts.

fire release:phoenix immortal fire technique
This technique creates small fireballs, which are spat out of the
user's mouth, flying wildly in every direction and assaulting the
enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra,
so avoiding them all is extremely, difficult. Shuriken can be hid
within the flames, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack.
Like the flames they can be controlled with chakra. For the most part,
however, this technique is used as a distraction.

water release:black rain technique
This jutsu creates a flammable black mist that forms a small cloud. The
user can then move the cloud above their target and disperse it,
covering the target in flammable oil. This jutsu was first used to burn
down Idate Morino's boat, after it was lit with fire.

his technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful
dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical
damage. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water, but if the
caster's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place
where there is none. That said, the amount of water used will be in
proportion with the caster's skill's.

water release:water dragon bullet technique
This jutsu needs forty-four hand seals, the highest amount of
hand seals necessary to use a jutsu shown in the series so far.
However, Tobirama Senju was able to produce one with only one hand seal.
Water release:great waterfall technique
This technique extends water over a large scale, surges and rises up to
several dozen meters high. Then it streams down to the ground in one
big cascade, much like a gigantic waterfall. In doing so, it resembles
a huge wave, with tremendous power that can hollow out the ground. What
remains after that jutsu's utilization is reminiscent of no less than
the aftermath of a natural disaster. This is a considerably advanced
ninjutsu, and activating this technique requires a fair share of chakra.

water clone technique
The Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique
except it creates clones out of water. Like other solid clone
techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks the user is unable
or unwilling to do for themselves. The range of the clone is limited
however, as it can not travel very far from the original body.
Additionally, water clones only have one-tenth of the original person's
power, as stated by Haku. Like other clone techniques, if the water
clones are injured enough they will revert back to normal water.

water prison jutsu
This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable
sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user
must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for
the victim to remain imprisoned. This jutsu can't be performed without
a sufficiently large body of water to supply the water for it. Despite
the fact that the prison is made up entirely out of water, it is
stronger than steel as stated by Zabuza Momochi. Once trapped the
target is unable to move while within it due to the heaviness of the
water. Even so, the target is still able to speak. When this technique
is used on Tenten, she indicates that she cannot breathe, though other characters have not reported the same problem.
Water clones
can be used in preparation for the jutsu, which blocking an opponents
attack and trapping the attacker in the prison using the clone's own
water.[2] Neji Hyūga was able to use his ability to release chakra from all of his pressure points simultaneously to disrupt the flow of chakra and break the prison. Hydration technique
By liquefying the whole body at will, this technique makes it
impossible to receive damage from physical attacks. From a single hair
to the skin and muscles, everything can be liquefied and solidified at
will. Be it to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to
infiltrate a structure, or to launch a surprise attack in a liquefied
state, this technique boasts a high strategic value. Using this, the
user can also re-shape their body parts for suitable situations.
The only way to contain a user of this technique is to lock them up in
an airtight container so they cannot move about. When the user passes
out, they are turned into a jelly-like state. As this technique turns the body into water, the user is vulnerable to lightning techniques. When Suigetsu was pinned down by Darui's sword, imbued with electricity, Suigetsu notedhe couldn't liquify properly.

Body flicker technique
his jutsu is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to
move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an
observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is
occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished
by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme
speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance
and elevation between the user and their intended destination. Shisui Uchiha was feared as "Shisui of the Body Flicker" (瞬身のシスイ, Shunshin no Shisui), likely referring to this technique.
The Body Flicker Technique has various variations among the
different hidden villages, all of which involve some extra element
aside from the movement itself. The extra element is usually some sort
of substance used to distract the opponent, such as leaves or sand. Gaara, for instance, uses the Sand Body Flicker (砂瞬身, Suna-Shunshin), which uses sand to cover his movements. Other varieties include the Mist Body Flicker (霧瞬身, Kiri-Shunshin), Water Body Flicker (水瞬身, Mizu-Shunshin), and Leaf Body Flicker (木ノ葉瞬身, Konoha-Shunshin). The Fourth Raikage combined the Body Flicker Technique with the Lightning Release Armor which allowed him to dodge even Amaterasu in a split second.
wind release: spiraling wind ball
This jutsu allows the user to breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm
of their hand, shaping it into a small, whirlwind-like ball. Then the
user will shoot it at their opponent. This jutsu seems to be very fast
and very powerful seeing as it is capable of smashing through thick rock. wind release: beast wave violent wind palm
This jutsu is somewhat of an enhanced version of the Wind Release: Beast Wave Palm.
It used chakra to infused with and condense a mass amount of wind to
form a massive demonic-like claw extending from the user’s dominant
hand to strike and grab a target, as well as deflect any weapon or
attack. In addition to making it a deadly short to mid-range weapon,
the extending claw also carries tremendous force that can devastate
anything in its path without affecting the user, making it useful for
dislodging solid and heavy objects.

body revival technique
his is a high level medical ninjutsu. Similar to the Secret Healing Wound Destruction
technique, this jutsu allows the user to survive any otherwise normally
fatal damage and instantly heal from the damage. A unique trait of this
jutsu is that it can momentarily give the user the appearance of death,
fooling even the most talented medical-nins

wind release:petal dust dance
This jutsu allows the user to summon a cyclone of petals to attack their
opponent. The user can remain in one spot for the use of the jutsu,
because he or she can direct it anywhere they desire. Therefore, the
user can control the direction and power of the technique to the max as a
last resort.

shadow clone jutsu
Similar to the Clone Technique, this jutsu creates clones
of the user. But unlike the Clone Technique, these clones are actual
copies, not illusions. The user's chakra is
evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone an equal
fraction of the user's overall power. The clones are capable of
performing jutsu on their own and can even bleed, but will usually
disperse after one or two solid blows. They can also disperse on their
own. The clones will be created in roughly the same condition as the
Unlike other clone techniques, they can't be detected by the Byakugan
because the clones have the exact same amount of chakra and aren't made
from any other substance, making them indistinguishable from the actual
person. In the anime, Sasuke
claims that the Sharingan
can distinguish clones from the original, however various events
throughout the series seem to indicate that this is not the case,
implying that the Sharingan was merely used to keep track of the
original's movements.

body replacement technique
This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby
object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or
even another person within reach using the Body Flicker Technique, the moment an attack
hits. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the
attack was successful. The user can then use this confusion to escape or
launch a counter-attack. Exploding tags can be attached to the
replacement for an added surprise.
The anime has a number of other objects being used for this
jutsu, such as a boulder, mud, a scarecrow, and even a large rolled-up
carpet. These items are usually nowhere in sight, suggesting that they
are merely gags meant to lighten up the situation and not an actual part
of the jutsu. Additionally, the normal practice of switching places
with a section of log is done in several places that have no such thing
anywhere nearby.

body elemination technique
A technique used by the ANBU where if they are on the verge of death they use
their remaining chakra to destroy their bodies and not leaving a trace
of them left.

temporary paralysis technique
A technique for physical restraint, quite as if the opponent had been
tied in invisible steel ropes. This is a basic ninjutsu usable even by
Genin, but its intensity will vary greatly according to the user's
level. In addition, depending on the user, the technique can be cast on
every target at once, and won't fail a shinobi during his missions. This
debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the
user to either strike again or, in some cases, take the target into
Fūka can execute this jutsu by simply looking into her victim's
eyes, showing how much precision in chakra control she must have and
giving her the metaphorical connection to Medusa.

(The clan he's in has a summoning he know that to I created the clan this is just my 2nd character)

Background Information:

It's a mystery where kumori was born he has no idea who his parents
are. But the closest thing to a family he had was his academy teacher
josh kenshi he basically raised him as his own, for many years josh
trained kumori in the anbu way teaching him quiet a few jutsu mostly
fire and medical jutsu though he has lightening and ice jutsu
capabilities. Josh was preparing kumori to be the hidden snow villages
next generations anbu squad medic.

After 10 years training,
kumori was 15 and josh decided it was time for the final test to join
the anbu. He walked kumori 10 miles outside of the village and told him
he had to live in the harsh hidden snow village's wilderness.He could
have no communication with anyone and could not come back into townthe
only supplies he was left with were 3 kunai and one flint stone. kumori
realized that this test could decide his future he greatfully
accepted.Once josh left he decided to get down to buiseness the first
thing he did was built shelter he found a decent location where a tree
has fallen over leaving some roots in the ground he quickly gathered
supplies he wanted to be done before the sun went down. He had built a
rather simple shelter but it was effecient he had a warm pine needle
bed, the entrance consisted of a woven door made up of sticks,vines and
pine needles it was specifically designed to keep the cold out and the
warmth in he was also working on a small fire located inside his
shelter he was in a hurry it was almost dark and he was freezing he
hastily dug a small hole in the ground then place smmall rocks he had
gathered earlier around the hole. Then gathered birch bark, small
twigs, and pine needles. He first placed the birch bark in the hole
then he took out one kunai and the flint stone josh had left him with
and began striking the flint with the kunai but the birch bark wasn't
catching, then after many attempts after almost all hope of a fire was
lost it caught a flame. He started to blow it softly then once he knew
he had it burning good he placed some pine needles on it then added
some small twigs. Once he had it going he nestled in awaiting the night
the next day when he awoken to the cold he dicided he was going to
spend the day hunting he spent hours walking he fell to the ground
exausted when he noticed some trackes he followed them a couple hundred
yards when he found what he was after it was a wolf he countinued
moving toward the animal until he was about 20 meters away. Then he
proceeded to perform a few hand signs amd gathered his chackra into his
lung and then released his fireblast jutsu, the powerful flame stream
struck the animal killing it and cooking it almost instantly. He threw
snow on the creature putting the fire out. He did as he was taght he
took his kunai and cut the animal open careful not to cut any organs.
Once this was done he removed the animals organs. After resting a while
he hoisted the animal onto his back carrying it almost a mile back to
camp. When he noticed the fire had gone out. He proceeded to put the
animal down covering it with snow to keep the smell down hoping not to
attract any animals into camp. He decided it wouldn't taste good raw he
proceeded to build a larger fire outside of his shelter using the same
technique as he did the day before. He waited for the flames to go down
to where it was nothing but coals.Then laid the beast atop of the coals
where he left it to go collect fire wood to last him threw the next 9
days then he checked up on the the animal to make sur it was still
there which it was. He then proceeded to survey his surrounding when he
noticed a small jar he ran over to it and picked it up and place snow
in it then placed it on the coals to make water. He then sat down to
eat his meat. It became his regular schedule for the next 8 days. When
he woke up on the 10th day he headed back into town where he found josh
at the academy anticipating his arrival kumori then told josh what he
did in the wilderness............ After a while when he finally seezed
to speek josh said you have passed. Ill speak with the kage in the
morning about ranking you up to anbu ..................... The next day
he approached josh anxious for the news kumori asked him what did he
say? Josh responded by saying he said all though what you did was very
impressive I can't up rank you to anbu but i wil rank you up to jounin
then when you show me your worthy ill up rank you to anbu. Kumori
walked home in dissapointment trying to think of a way to impress the
kage........The next day he approached josh's house when he noticed a
strange figure inside it appeared he was fighting josh and josh was
gettin the sour side of the fight. Kumori instantly new what he had to
do he walked to the house and told the strange man to leave josh alone
and to fight him instead........ the strange man accepted the
challenge............. the two walked out side and began to battle the
strange man attacked first he used a cloning jutsu luckily kumori was
prepared for this he did a few hand signs then gathered chackra into
his lungs and breathed then he turned in a complete circle using his
fireblast jutsuhe destroyed all the clones but where was the real one
at that moment a barrage of kunai fell from the sky, one digging into
kamori's arm he quickly pulled it out and used his healer's jutsu it
would slowly heal the wound then he looked up and saw the strange man
he quickly did the hand signs and breathed out using his fireball jutsu
but his plan wasn't to hit him it was just to get him back on the
ground. Which of course he did while trying to dodge. when he hit the
ground he ran kamori which is wat he was hoping for kamori called out
Nanukayami fever of course kumori knew the advanced form which would
easyily knock unconscious within minutes. The rats were released as the
rats began to creep closer toward he tried to jump into the air kumori
wouldn't let that happen he quickly threw three kunai up above the mans
head one lodging into the man's shoulder knocking him to the ground the
rat's then crawled all over the man, before he got up the rats had
urinated right into his wound. Giving him advance infection without him
knowing it the man jump up and sent his own fire jutsu he called out
running toward the man he formed his hand signs and screamed fireblast
jutsu which the strange man dodged but he was moving alot slower and
kumori knew why the man was about to collapse from the urine placed in
his wound by the rats he just had to keep him going for a littel while
longer he kumori launched a kunai at the man which struck him in the
leg.........then the man dropped to the ground fainting.... he would
die but it was worth it........ the next day josh tolld the kage what
happened and told him he fully believed kumori was ready for the anbu
this time the kage agreed. The next day he was sent to the anbu HQ for
his first assignment.

Sample: After walking in kumori breathed in deeply smelling the fresh air.

companion:tora, regular form

tora, attack form

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PostSubject: Re: kumori   Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:24 pm

Wait, didn't you have another app and everything?

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yes i asked emma to delete it so i could get more jutsu
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Haku Raikou
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Couldn't you have just asked her to unlock your app so you could add more?

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probly but hey i copied everything off mine before she deleted it
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Haku Raikou
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Well, that was smart thinking. However, ANBU get only 3 Elements. Also, just because you can have multiple elements doesn't mean you need them. Sometimes, less equals more.

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i know
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e.e id approve it but im bias
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Ok approved

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i approve xDDD
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