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PostSubject: Yakikoto   Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:35 am

Name: Yakikoto

Nickname: The son of Pein

Age: 19



Personality: calculating, fun, kind, and deadly

His little sister, Liquer, and women

Dislikes: cockiness,
disrespect, and who ever tries to date his sister

Extras: Dark
blue hair, wlways wears a temperture regulating jacket.


Village: Amegakure (2027)


Rank: Jounin

Elements: Water(rain
especially), Wind, and paper

Weapons: none

Summons: W.I.P.

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ANBU captain

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PostSubject: Re: Yakikoto   Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:38 am

Rain Style-

Artifical Rain- Able to create rain with a water source and chakra control

Reverse Rain- Use chakra to make rain go upwards instead of down

Rotating Rain- Rain spins in a circle and can be used with other jutsus

Rain Stop- Able to make rain stop mid air with chakra control

Umberlla Technique-Uses chakra to keep rain off self

Heavy Rain- Able to focus rain on enemy to cover them in rain that weighs them down

Big Rain- Able to make the raindrops bigger to cover more area

Rain Clones-Clones made of rain

Rain Spear- Forms giant spear from rain

Rain Spikes- Spikes form from every raindrop after handsigns formed

Rain Renaissance- restores items or buildings that have been destroyed and heals people it


Hidden Rain- Changes form to mimic rainfall to disappear in battle/recon

Rain transformation- A move that is used to move quickly in the rain by becoming part of the rain

Rain Needles- Senbon that are hidden in the rain strike from all directions

Rain Dagger- By focusing chakra and gathering rain, user is able to form a knife that can cut


Rain Bullets- Able to turn rain into bullet forn and fire them at wanted target

Sheild of Rain- Forms rain into a wall that is strong as metal

Rain Sword- Using chakra and rain user can form a sword

Rain Cloud Shell- Using rain and the clouds user forms a protective armor that can even stand to


Rain Knives- Able to create blades out of rain but only can reach so far

Vortex Rain- High level jutsu that uses chakra to pull down the rain clouds themselves and

surrounds user with the oppenet. Moves so fast neither can escape but allows rain attacks from

all directions.

Suffocating Nimbus: when us oppenent is trapped in the vortex rain u force the cloud down their


Other Rain Techniques-

*Pillar of Rain-makes pillars around the opponent
*Rain Trident-makes a sharp trident
*Flight of the Rain Dragons-rain frms a giant dragon
*Hundered Rain Reflections-make millions of illusion clones

Background Information:


Legacy of the Pein Clan:

The rain poured on the the rocky ground as the two factions met up. On one side, Hanzo, the leader of the small Amegakure, and on the other, the ame orphans with Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato as their leaders. Hanzo was worried that Yahiko may be able to overthrow his rule, so he teamed up with Danzo Shimura in order to defeat the three of them, taking Konan as hostage and ordering Nagato to kill Yahiko. Not being able to do it, Yahiko jumped on the kunai Nagato was holding, resulting in his death. Hanzo took advantage of the situation ordering Danzo's men and his men to kill Nagato. Nagato easily deflected their attacks with Shinra Tensei. He then tried to attack Hanzo, managing to rescue Konan at the cost of his legs which were burnt by Hanzo's explosive fire tags. Nagato resorted to the Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to kill all of Hanzo's and Danzo's men. However, Hanzo had managed to escape the attack. The side effect of the technique impaled several chakra rods on his back, which he would later use to his advantage while controlling the Six Paths of Pain. After years of plotting and funding Nagato along with Konan and the newly formed paths of Pein were out to gain control of the dangerous Tailed Beast to bring peace to the world. Based in their home village of the Rain, they formed the Akatsuki along with Madara Uchiha in order to achieve their goals. As they went on Konan and Nagato were drawn closer to each other and gained feelings deeper thann friendship. They were soon inseperatable but never do they dare show it around their comrades. Soon after they began involved sexally Konan became pregnant but knew she had to hide it fome the others, especially Madara who she knew would want to use her child. So one night Nagato had the child sent to the orphanage of the Amegakure and raised as such.

The Life of far

The child, who was a blue hair boy, had always felt different and was shunned by most of the other orphans. Heloved paper like his mother and treasured the sight of the rain. It was strange because all of the other children hated it because they could go out and play but Yakikoto reveled in it, and just because it was raining didnt mean Koto had to be bored; he'd sit and practice simple origami until he pieced it together to create a more elaborate shape. As the years passed on the orphans attened the Shinobi/Kunoichi Academy and Yakikoto acceled and in everything, and he could pull of the most complicated jutsu in a matter of minutes. In the new robotics and engineering courses Koto was on a genius level, creating a machine gun-like shuriken launcher and a little robotic girl with synthetic skin and flame throwers in her palms, and this was all when he was 9 years of age. He soon graduated and skipped two ranks and went straight ANBU level at the age of 10 making him the first Shinobi ANBU that wasn't a teenager as of yet. He usually spent his days patrolling and nights searching for his parents. He gathered clues and slowly pieced them together until he discovered he had a baby sister by the name of Isabelle. After a week of searching he found her and gained custody of her. This was the first time Koto felt like he had a purpose and knew he could and would find his parents one day. After a few years, 3 to be exact, he created a time manipulation device that fit across his wrist like a gauntlet. Knowing this would change the world forever he was the only one that knew about it and he used it to go back to the night he was left at the ophanage in hopes of seeing his true parents. Upon arrival he hid in the shadows until he saw two hooded figures leave a crying baby at the door of the ophanage he lived in when he was younger. At first he didnt reconize them but then it hit him, he finally knew who is parents were...the original leaders of the Akatsuki.He returned to his time to track down his parents and see if he could make up for lost time. It took a while but he did it, he got Konan and Nagato to talk to him but only through a pair of shikigami clones Konan had summoned. They both seemed excited and relieved their children were well and Koto dicovered that his parents were kind and caring unlike how the world portraied them. After the meeting they two kept in touch regularly until Koto's 18th bithday because it was time to invade the Leaf. He and his sister, who was 8 now, wait and waited but there was no reply. After about 5 months the siblings heard of their parent's deaths at the hands of the nine-tails. Koto grabbed his sister and ran to his girlfriend's home and asked the parents to take care of her while he tried to take revenge. His sister didn't want his to go and proved this by begging and pleading along with crying. He painfully left her there, but his girlfriend, Nami Inuzuka, the daughter of Hinata and Kiba, snuck into his time stream as he jumped backwards in time. Yakikoto's device malfunctioned with two entities traveling together and took them to another dimension but in the time he wanted to be. In this dimension Pein and Konan raised Yakikoto and Isabelle, and more things we changed. Pein was a genetic mad scientist and loved creating creatures and was happy to teach his son from the future, but Nami hated the lack of attention which lead her to cheat on her first love with Shino Aburame and even bore his children. Koto forgave her be soon he also strayed from his mission of revenge and and faithfulness as he cheated on Nami. After apologizes Koto asked nami to bear his child be she refused to Yakikoto's surprise, and this soon lead up to as falling out and Yakikoto was forced to take her back to the future. Upon his return he discovered Pein and Konan adopted a girl by the name of Kurai Niwa, who was once Yakikoto's friend and student. She was a cute girl as a bit shy at first but soon she and Koto grew on each other and considered each other to be true brother and sister. The two want on countless adventures and batted countless creatures, including Koto's own creations, the Stalkers and Sirens. One Yakikoto's favorite and her name was Peacock and she was created from Kurai's DNA and could seduce any man with her erotic dancing. After a year of adventuring with the two Koto went back to the future on multiple occasions and even brought his sister.


Nowadays Yakikoto is working oh his new chakra and jutsu enhancers and cybornetic upgrades on humans. He also had a Demon Wolf King of Time's heart named Hero implanted into his body.improves on old designs of things and jutsu to his liking. He hates that his Parents are dead but he has come to term with it and has decided to move ahead.

Family:Pein (dead) and Konan (dead)

People in Koto's Life.


Koto and Isabelle


RP Sample:
"Jenny I'm leaving" Drake says as he stuffs clothes into a small old bag then turns to face the

teary eyed 14 year old girl. "B-But why Drake...I thought you lo..." she was cut off as Drake

pulled her into a hug then whispered into her ear "I love you...I really do but I cant Stay and

you can't follow me," he said in a calm soothing voice. She couldn't speak. She couldn't fathom

life without Drake, the one and only boy she ever loved. He backed away slowly then kissed her

deeply as a single tear feel from his eye. She break out into tears "Oh Drake why...why must you

leave?' she asked. He looked at her "My parents....are dead" he said with a cold tone. She looked

confused for a while then gasped " didn't kill them did you" she whispered. He just

sighed "He killed my mother....he deserved to die." She sighed "Will I see you again." He looked

away "Lets Hope so" he sats as he walks out of the room leaving Jenny with a picture of them as

kids laughing and playing.

Drake sighs "That was three years ago" he says and he lifts his hand. When his palm was inches

from his face a serpent-like tattoo slithered up and spoke "I sense strong ninja....they are

approching fast from your right." Drake grinned "So they have found me" he laughed and turned to

the right to face three ninja "The Akatsuki I presume." The orange -haired man looked at Drake

"And Your are Drake Nightingale...the Demon ninja we heard so much about." Drake grinned "yeah

that's me and I'm guessing you want me to join." "Not till we test choose one of us as

an opponent." Drake thinks "Hmmmm...I choose your there with the red weird eyes" he points to

Itachi and the fight begins.

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PostSubject: Re: Yakikoto   Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:13 pm


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