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 Getting Rid of Pesky Ninja

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PostSubject: Getting Rid of Pesky Ninja   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:37 am

Taski stepped out of the Akatsuki base. Their was no one in site. The ruins of the old Heat Haze Village. Torn down to pieces. It was the perfect yet most obvious place an Akatsuki Base would be located. He hummed to amuse himself due to the striking silence that filled the air. Not only was their silence that clouded the air. Their was also in coming chakra. It was unknown who or what was heading towards Taski. Either way, Taski couldn't wait to find out. Using his his Tomokenzangan. He could sense every single one of the ninja heading towards him. Taski smirked lightly as he knew he would have to do battle with many ninja to come. He knew how many people were heading his way. All with high levels of chakra. It seemed they were mostly ANBU and a few Jounin. Heading from the direction Takigakure is located. Taski looked up at the sky. Oh how beautiful it was, Luminating the mind of Taski as he stared at the burning orb in the sky. It was the sun and though he couldn't get a clear glimpse of it due to the fact that the tall trees were blocking his sight of it and the bright, almost white sky was blending in with the near white sun. Even though the sun is definately not white, for this angle that Taski views it. It's whiter than rice. Mostlikely because it's too bright. He sighed and he cracked his knuckles and smirked under his mask. He tapped his left foot on the ground twice and did the same with his right foot afterwards. His smirk turned into a smile and then jumped up and down clapping his hands. He stopped after two leaps into the air and turned his head to the direction of the in coming barrage of chakra pressures. He knew they were here more than just for talking. Just like Fujinaro said, you can never be too careful. "Sabi gets to play a game...." He said as he awaited the ninja to come closer to him. As they came closer and closer, the chakra within Taski built up tremendously. Before you knew it, Sabi was ready to attack them all at once which he plans to do with just one technique. As they were coming. He was trying to figure out, 'Should I make a mess or kill them with ease?...It's a tough decision. I could show off my abilities by playing with them but that will give them the oppurtunity to retreat, call for more help or would rattle nearby travelers to alert a village....I guess I will end them swiftly.' He thought to himself. It was obvious they had sensors because heading in this direction without a sensor is just pure luck and you wouldn't get very far in the mountains. These are determined ninja and thus means, they must be also talented. If theirs a large group of them, their are a fair amount of Medic ninja hidden within the bunch. Mostlikely in the middle or back of the large barrage of ninja. The leaders or Leader is mostlikely in the front.

Hm. The ninja were coming close. Sabi was having second thoughts about staying and fighting them. This will be a great oppurtunity to kill them out with just one technique in use. Finally they reached Taski. Taski was standing in the middle of surrounding trees and within those trees lied fifty ninja. Those ninja surrounded Taski. Making sure he didn't try to escape. Taski had no choice but to fight now. Five ninja, including the leader of the large group decided to leap out of the trees and land a few yards infront of Taski with four other ninja surrounding him. He was very arrogant and extremely cocky. Taski had a feeling he was that. I'm sure if he was in charge of so many lives he wouldn't have a smirk on his face when he showed himself to Taski. Taski would have pleasure whipping that grin off his face. Four other ninja stood by him. "We of the Village Hidden in the Waterfalls annouce that you give up your criminal acts and turn yourself in or we will have to use force. Either way, we will use force. Immediate excution will be dealt to you if you refuse your arrest. We of the Taki ANBU place you under arrest for partaking in criminal acts on villages. Please come with us peacefully and accept your punishment. " He said with a grin on his face. He is an ANBU captain with extreme cockyness which Taski didn't like much.

"Hm. You know I can't let that happen." Taski said as he tilted his head to the side. Looking straight at the Anbu Captain with golden eyes. He waited for a response from the man. "Well we will have to enforce justice on your and bring you ourselves." He said. Under his ANBU mask you could tell he was grinning. He wanted Taski to said that all along. The ninja in the trees started to gather up their chakra as if they knew this was gonna happen. Like they planned this outcome and they rehersed it. Taski hoped the rehersed dieing because that's what will happen to them next. "Before you Enforce Justice on me. How do you know that Akatsuki members aren't in the area. I know you have sensors and medic ninja. I know that your squad is hidden within the trees that surround this area. I also know that you probally hoped this would happen and can't wait to show off infront of your squad members....but, how do you know that I didn't know this would happen already? How do you know that all of your ninja are here just to take me down but my fellow akatsuki members could be in your village, destroying everything in sight. You bring backbone and muscle to a fight but you don't think of the outcomes. I can't believe your village leader approved of this idea. I'll be sure to take out your village as soon as possible for your ignorance." He said as he lifted his head back up. Straightening it so that he has full sight of the opponent ahead of him. He could tell that his words was getting to him as he looked around for a moment and then nodded. The nod signaled something because the ANBU members that surrounded him reached for their tanto. "Don't you talk about my village that way. I will do whatever it takes to protect that village!!" He shouted in anger. Anger that clouded his thought. Foolish, he should have just ran away. Though Taski is outnumbered. He is not out skilled. He will still fight on. "Then turn around and save the lives that you are in charge of, go home and make love your wife. Go make a child and if you did....make another one. Either way. You could leave or Stay and play a game with Sabi. It's your choice...-" He said as he then smirked under his mask. "-Do you wanna play a game?" Taski said with a light laugh as he then tilted his head at the ANBU captain and shrugged his shoulders. The ANBU captain was extremely pissed off. He rushed towards Taski in anger and so did the ANBU that surrounded him. The battle was on. ~

Taski smirked and preformed handseals. "Let's play tag." He said playfully. He knew these ninja, they way they followed such a horrible leader will all die by Taski's hand. It's a shame. They all could have left. Taski preformed a Hiden Jutsu known as, 'Sarutahiko: Ultimate Illusion'. He then stood there, the ANBU Captin stabbed Taski in the chest with his Tanto. Taski smirked as he appeared behind the ANBU captain with a Tanto at the back of his head. "Shame..." He said with a light laugh. What happened? Well the jutsu Taski preformed allowed himself to create simple illusions that can work wonders for a high ranked ninja like Taski. He gave the illusion that he was stabbed by the ANBU member but really attacked the ANBU ninja that was beside the ANBU captain by kicking in the knee cap of one and elbowing them to the ground. He picked up the ANBU's tanto and slain the other three with ease. He held the bloody tanto to the back of the ANBU captain's head currently as the stabbed Taski vanished. Heh, played him for a fool. Taski leaped back, dropping the Tanto and preformed handseals. As he landed from jumping back, fire balls shot out towards him. A few water balls and wind balls the size of great fire balls all at Taski. He leaped and dodge them all, only getting the back of his left leg hit with a wind ball jutsu. It was a small pain he felt. In fact, he barely felt it. He could heal that damage with ease. He preformed the technique that would assure his victory. He preformed a Kinjutsu known as Izanami. A technique that sends a small orb into the air which it did. An orb left the hand of Taski and flew into the air highly above the battlefield. The orb then split into forty seven smaller versions of itself and vanished so suddenly. What it did was fly towards every single person within the area and entered their body. Thus, each body emitted a large aura of chakra that surround the area and much more. Clouding the vision of everyone as they can only see darkness. Even Taski sees darkness. Completely abyss black vision. Taski uses his Tomokenzangan to sense every single person in the area and kills them all with a kunai. Illuminating them one by one. All you could hear was screams of pain and the sound of necks being siced open. Leaving only Taski and the ANBU captain. Taski smirked as if he was walking around his target. Making creepy sounds to have the ninja worry. Taski picked up the tanto that he dropped and impaled it in the ninja's throat. He then ended the jutsu and returned his vision. The sky was still beautiful. The sounds of birds flying pass, chirping in happiness and the grass and trees filled with blood. Taski left a mess. He looked down and shooked his head. Disappointed in himself that he left another mess. Blood on his mask and clothes. He walked far away from the area before turning back around and preformed another set of handseals. This time it was the 'Earth Release: Antlion Technique'. This technique swallows up the ground and everything in the area down a hole created by the ninja. Taski smirked as the ground he once stood on to battle those ninja gets sunk down into the ground. Taski leaped into a tree far away from that area and looked up at the sky which was now as blue as the ocean. "People never learn."

Took me Twenty minutes to do this ~

Name: [Izanami]
Rank: [S-Rank]
Type: [Ninjutsu]
Style: [Ninja Art]
Description: [This technique allows the ninja to engulf the battleground into complete darkness. This is done when the ninja preforms the handseals for this technique and a ball of bright light flies off into the sky. Then suddenly the ball splits into many pieces, matching that of those people on the battleground and emits a massive aura of darkness that consumes the area and anything nearby it. Sticking near the opponents, allies and the ninja. Thus everything is engulfed in darkness BUT once the ball separates into many other pieces and emits the darkness it is done. Everyone that is on the battlefield is blinded by darkness however people that came into the battle after the jutsu had taken effect won't be effected and won't see the darkness. This leaves only people that were effected and the ninja that used it. ~ ]

Name: [Sarutahiko ~ Ultimate Illusion]
Rank: [C-Rank]
Type: [Ninjutsu]
Style: [Ninja Art]
Description: [Taski would preform handseals with his Hateshinai Jigen activated and is given the ability to preform illusions ~ not genjutsu. This technique allows Taski to create illusions in an instant. None life threatening or could cause mental distress but could be useful to make a get away or distract an opponent or target and strike them from another angle. ]

Earth Release: Antlion Technique
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Posts : 44
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PostSubject: Re: Getting Rid of Pesky Ninja   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:44 am

OOC: 26 Minutes exactly xD It's just a Bored topic and I really like Taski, I wanna show what I could do with him without sitting around in the Akat base.
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Getting Rid of Pesky Ninja
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