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 Emi Reiryuu - Nibi's Host -

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Emi Reiryuu


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PostSubject: Emi Reiryuu - Nibi's Host -   Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:12 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Emi Reiryuu.
Nickname: Mi-chan or just Emi.
Age: Technically, 136 (explained in background), though frozen as a 16-year-old.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Emi has a very fiery temper and can sometimes seem like she has a split personality. She complains a lot sometimes, she can be a right pain in the backside and she's witty with a sharp mouth and generally a large annoyance. Despite her bad aspects and habits, she's a very kind and loyal person who can be easily broken if her hard-to-aquire trust is betrayed. Her looks can be deceiving, and while she may act like an idiot she's a very intelligent shinobi who isn't afraid to lay down her life for her village and her Kage.
Likes: Food! She also likes cats, sleeping and sneaking around unseen.
Dislikes: Dogs, though she gets along fine with wolves. She also hates water, and has always had an incurable fear of drowning.
Extras: Due to her cat features (again the work of Nibi), she has hightened senses of sight, smell and hearing.

Shinobi Information:

Village: Yukigakure.
Clan: Reiryuu Clan: .
Rank: ANBU, she works directly under Kurai Niwa, the Yukikage.
Elements: 4; an extra element because she has the Nibi. She can control all except water.
Weapons: None, apart from the usual ninja tools and her claws and fangs.
Summons: Nibi Replication.

Name: Karyuudo Honnou (Hunter's Instinct).
Rank: B
Element: N/A.
Type: Kekkei Genkai.
Description: Transforms the user's personality to that of a feral hunter. nails lengthen and sharpen, fangs grow larger, and the senses are maxed. The user trusts entirely in the hunter's instinct, allowing them to predict what an enemy may do and therefore dodge incoming attacks. They can stay in this state for a long period of time. Their power and speed is also heightened and a constant outflow of chakra stronger than a humans acts as a barrier against weak element attacks.
Weaknesses: While in this state, the user cannot use element jutsus or weapons and their defense drops, mainly relying on speed to dodge attacks. They are also more susceptible to weapons, and A to S-class element jutsus can break through the force of the user's chakra.

Name: Korosepou no Jutsu (Art of the Assassin's Step).
Rank: S.
Element: N/A.
Type: Taijutsu.
Description: Enhances the user's speed greatly and completely silences their movements. It is the perfect jutsu for stealth.
Weaknesses: If used over a long period of time, the user's chakra can deplete fully. It requires natural stealth and a lot of chakra.
Name: Karyuu no Jutsu (Fire Dragon Technique).
Rank: B.
Element: Fire.
Type: Ninjutsu.
Description: The user blows fire to form dragon that will chase the target. It is very difficult to destroy unless an A-rank Water jutsu is used to douse it.
Weaknesses: An A-rank or above water jutsu can douse the fire relatively easily. It is also difficult to control accurately.

Name: Raidoridan no Jutsu (Lightning Bird Missile Technique).
Rank: A.
Element: Lightning.
Type: Ninjutsu.
Description: Sends multiple, small birds made of lightning that fly at the target like missiles and discharge electricity on contact. Good for assassination as they are small and very fast.
Weaknesses: They are difficult to control and can't be used in large numbers as even 3 or 4 require a lot of skill to shoot at once.
Name: Ranbu Shoutei no Jutsu (Unstable Rising Wind Technique).
Rank: A.
Element: Wind.
Type: Ninjutsu.
Description: Compresses wind around the user's body and releases it in a burst of energy, pushing away any opponents within a 2 to 3-metre radius away with a blast of wind. It can also be directed from the feet to jump a large distance or launch the user into the air.
Weaknesses: The user is completely immobile during this process, so any kunai/churiken/any ninja tool that manages to reach the user will penetrate the wind and hit without fail.

Name: Ganseki Otoroeru (Rock Waste).
Rank: B.
Element: Earth.
Type: Ninjutsu.
Description: Covers the user's body in a scale-like, flexible armor made of rock. It negates the effect of lightning entirely.
Weaknesses: It takes a long time to set up and takes up a lot of chakra.

Name: Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Nibi Fukusei (Summoning Technique: Nibi Replication).
Rank: C.
Element: N/A.
Type: Summon.
Description: Summons a white, Nibi-like cat that acts as a scout or a messenger. It can also be used as a storage of extra chakra if it is summoned for a long period of time, and can act as a pet. It has the gift of human speech and can run very fast.
Weaknesses: Just about any jutsu can dispell it easily, as it cannot fight.
Background Information:

Background: Originally born in Sunagakure, Emi was raised by her mother Miyuki and father Shinji, and was the niece of the head of the Reiryuu clan. Her father's brother, her uncle Shiki, was recorded in the clan's archives as the most reliable clan head the Reiryuu had ever appointed, and was one of the few three in the current clan members who had inherited their rare kekkei genkai. Emi was always a bright child, and had a mind far beyond her age, and would speak like an adult, though sparingly. On Emi's seventh birthday, she was tested, as all children are on their seventh, to see if she had inherited the blood ability, which was proven she had. The clan celebrated the heralding of a new user of the Karyuudo Honnou, but during the festival, Shiki disappeared. Upon his return a week later, he had passed off his disappearance as merely a meeting with the Kazekage that had been kept secret until now. None of the clan questioned him except for two; Shinji, Emi's father, and one other clan member, both of whom had also inherited the kekkei genkai. Their instincts had told them of Shiki's lies, but before they could gather solid evidence, they were both involved in an accident outside the village. By this time, Emi had already begun her training outside of the clan's compounds with the Karyuudo Honnou under Shiki's mentoring, and did not learn of her father's death until a year later.

When she returned on her eighth birthday, her mother had gone mad with grief at Shinji's death. Emi had more or less been taught the basics of the Karyuudo Honnou, and was now working by herself to master it in her own way, while Shiki was putting on his false leadership act to the people of her clan. Two years passed relatively uneventfully, and within that time, Emi mastered the Honnou and numerous other jutsus equivalent to what a ninja learns in their Academy days. Throughout her development, she would take the time out of learning and training and spent time with her mother, who had slowly gone delirious more and more over the months since Shinji's departure. Eventually, on the eve of Emi's tenth birthday, Shiki gave an announcement before the clan. As Emi and her mother were making their way towards the compound's centre, her mother stopped unexpectedly, and pulled Emi aside, speaking what sounded like the first sane sentence that Emi had heard her say in almost two years.

"Emi Reiryuu, the Raven is not to be trusted. Beware of the White Raven."

Before Emi could ask what she meant, her mother was back in her own world, and was dragging her daughter towards the centre again. Her words replayed over and over in Emi's mind, trying to make sense of them, and as Shiki talked to them about the Kazekage's wishes, how the Reiryuus should continue to serve him, Emi mused to herself. The clan burst into cheers around her, jerking her out of her mind's focus and onto Shiki himself. Her eyes widened and as she opened her mouth to shout, the White Raven's judgement came.

A wave of red light pulsed through the open night sky above Shiki's figure, where a monstrous, white-feathered creature beat its collossal wings. Its size alone was enough to make her freeze like a rabbit caught in the headlights, but when she realised what it was made of, she trembled.

Spirits of the dead. Their transparent bodies weaved together, eternally circling a mass of dark energy clumped where the beast's heart would have been, its evil screams echoing through people's nightmares, its demonic light etching its presence into people's minds. The White Raven's glowing red eyes told of evil, while its talons told of power. As it opened its beak, puffs of dark energy escaped it, tainting the air around it. The souls its body was created from were trapped by its dark heart's embrace, their wails of sorrow and pain splitting open Emi's mind and heart, tears escaping her eyes as she fought the urge to break.

'Beware of the White Raven.' Too little of a warning, too late.

Springing forwards, she saw Shiki above her, a manic smile on his face as he held a piece of the beast's dark heart, convulsing in the palm of his hand. Sprinting towards him, it did not register in her mind that this man could easily defeat her, break her apart with the entity in his power. Throwing herself at him, she erupted in a flurry of taijutsu, only for her uncle to block each and every one of her attacks with his arm. Too powerful. What could a ten-year-old girl do to a grown man with power over dark matter?

"Fool!" He boomed, his voice magnified by the darkness. "What can you hope to achieve, with the little power you possess?!"

His deranged laughter filled the centre. As Emi glanced over her shoulder, she saw her clan frozen, their gaze fixed on Shiki, their minds dead to the world other than Shiki. His voice thundered around them, his laughter twisting Emi's mind.

The Raven screeched above them, the souls it was comprised of echoing it with their screams. It lurched forwards, its giant wings dragging its body through the sky painfully towards the two Reiryuus. Shiki's hands grasped Emi's throat like lightning, quicker than she could move away, and as he lifted her off the ground, she struggled. Her lungs shrieked, demanding air, and her skin crawled where he touched her.

"I know a lovely little game we can play, just the two of us..." Shiki rambled madly as he clambered onto the mass of spirits.

She couldn't speak. She couldn't even scream. She could only watch in horror as the thing she was now riding destroyed her life.

Buildings crumbled under the waves of darkness. People, her family, dropped like flies as the Raven stole their souls, collecting them like some obsessed child who wanted every card from a set, the black energy ripping their minds and body apart. She shook with terror as her mother looked up at her and smiled. She fell with more grace then than she had possessed within her time of madness, and Emi could only watch.

She could only watch as the Raven stole her happiness.

Her world faded to black, Shiki's insane laughter the last thing that resounded through her mind.

When Emi next awoke, her uncle Shiki had brought her away from their clan's compound and to a cliff cave in the middle of nowhere. Emi herself had lost her vitality and will to live, and as such did as she was told. A few uneventuful years of being trained by Shiki passed since that day, and her thirteenth birthday came and went without a fuss. As another year of preparation passed, Emi's spirit remained broken, while her mind sharp. She had lost none of her intelligence, and could think of any number of escape plans that could probably work, but she didn't have the heart to go through with them anymore. Her clan's massacre had destroyed her inside.

As Emi turned fourteen, Shiki began breaking apart the White Raven. The spirits it was composed of were always crying out in pain and despair, especially those from the Reiryuu clan's people. But Emi never heard their sorrow as her own despair clouded her mind.

The first day of winter came, and with it, so did the beginning of Shiki's plans.

The shard of darkness he had held that fateful day four years ago was sealed forcefully within Emi's body. She felt pain, true pain, convulsing through her body, through her blood, through her entire being, as she felt her mind almost crack entirely with the sheer evil trying to take over her heart and soul. Her legs screamed in agony, her arms were heavy with the pain, and every one of her joints felt like it was being ripped apart. For hours, this went on, and her throught was hoarse by the time the pain began to fade. She was left panting, exhausted, but still Shiki carried on, and began sealing the White Raven within her piece by piece, spirit by spirit.

It was nowhere near as painful as that first shard of dark matter, but it was still a very uncomfortable experience to have another person's memories override your own. It was as if you were having flashbacks of a life that was not your own. Feeling emotions that you yourself weren't feeling. But most of all having countless other presences in your mind, unable to hear or see them, yet never being able to shake off the fact that they were there. It was unsettling, to say the least.

Two years of this went by relatively quickly, and when Emi had reached her sixteenth birthday, Shiki began to seal more spirits in her at one time. Doing this caused her body's aging rate to slow rapidly, and after another four years of gradually increasing the amount being sealed at a time, the White Raven was almost fully sealed. All that was left of it was the dark matter that had once substituted as its heart. By this time, however, Emi's body had completely stopped aging due to the massive overriding of the spirits' eternality, and only her mind was still growing.

When Emi turned twenty, the spirits that had made the White Raven were all fully sealed, leaving naught but the dark matter left to seal. Shiki carefully broke it into shards like the first one, modifying them for a few months while Emi trained relentlessly before beginning the first sealing.

Pain erupted through her like again, coursing, writhing agony that made her muscles spasm and her blood run cold. The darkness was enveloping her, dragging her down into a deep abyss of no return, her sight and sense failing as she struggled against the inky black within her mind. It almost won, but the spirits within her began to balance out the internal war, and kept the dark matter in a faraway corner of her mind, nurturing it themselves and keeping her body and mind safe from the dark. With each shard that was sealed, they did this. Her body felt the pain, but her mind was safe from being controlled.

As the last shard was being absorbed, however, something went wrong and Emi's mind retaliated. Her body moved on its own, and as power she never knew she had came surging from the depths of her wounded heart, she slowly started regaining some of her lost spirit. As her own world went dark, her subconscious rampaged with silent fury, her chakras exploding both within and outwith her body, ripping the various items lying around apart.

Fleeing, the cave collapsed in on itself, and she realised with a sudden regret that her uncle Shiki was dead. Her last link to her family, no matter how evil or currupted he was, was gone. She fled over the sand, shedding tears of regret and pain.

Years passed, and Emi became a nomad, travelling here and there, stopping wherever she wanted. It felt good to be free, but the pain of loss would always hang heavy over her heart. Eventually, however, she began to make a name of herself when she helped numerous people throughout several villages with any troubles they had, and soon enough the name 'Emi Reiryuu' was always whispering like the wind. She created and refined several of her own jutsus within this time, and became like a living legend, especially within her old home village of Suna. A generation or two later, she became more or less a myth. Whenever someone caught a glimpse of her, they started to spread rumours like wildfire, and eventually a century passed more or less in this manner. Rogue ninjas and missing-nin would often hunt her down to defeat her and bring in the bounty on her head, but they were always pretty weak, so Emi often had fun toying with them for a while.

Eventually though, she became lonely. She always had the spirits within her, but they didn't make for good company really. After a long time of wandering, she came across a mysterious man who knocked her out before she could see his face, and as she lost consciousness, could see a faint smile on the presumably young man's face.

When she awoke a week later, there was a strange presence in her mind. A new one, more powerful. Darker. More sinister.

A hiss erupted within her mind, and a century's worth of self-control pushed back the sudden anger and fear that pulsed within her.

That was the first moment that Emi remembered after having the Nibi sealed within her. Due to the Nibi's presence, her body had undergone a change while she was unconscious, and as such had gained white cat ears and a white tail, along with fangs and claws. While the Nibi itself was vengeful and dark, at least it had given her someone to talk to for a while. Maybe it was foolish of her, but she grew attached to the Nibi, and so spent the good part of ten years learning to control it. She never fully mastered it, but she had a large degree of control over it and the two came to think of each other as allies, comrades who had no choice but to help each other. Or at least, that was the case for Nibi. Emi just grew fond of it over time, no matter how stupid it was to do so. She never met the man who had given Nibi to her again after that.

A few more years passed, and Emi was greeted with a harsh surprise.A group of stronger bandits than normal caught her off-guard on her way to Yukigakure, and had wounded her.

She had fought back, but after receiving several gashes in her sides and legs, she was resigned to using her ninjutsu instead of relying on her speedy taijutsu to defeat her opponents.

Summoning her chakra, she speedily perfomed hand signs then called out 'Korosepou no Jutsu!'. Disappearing, she quickly disposed of the bandits at random, one by one, with her 'Assassin's Step' and a particularly sharp kunai. It was simple enough and would have been easy, had the last rogue not been a bit more clever than his comrades. Just as Emi was about to strike, the bandit drove a kunai into her side, managing to break three ribs while he was at it. Stumbling, Emi retaliated clumsily, striking the man across the face. He howled in pain, and while he was distracted, Emi gether herself and swiftly killed him.

Her eyes watering with the pain, she nearly collapsed then and there. Faltering, she checked her resolve and yanked the kunai out her side, letting it fall with a soft thwump into the snow which was now dyed red.

Staggering, she soldiered on, before finally giving in and collapsing just before reaching the Snow village. Her vision blanked out on her and her hearing faded, while her skin slowly became one with the snow's icyness.

She guessed she must have been found, as the next time she awoke, she was lying in a warm bed, presumably in a hospital. She spent the next few weeks recovering, and even though she was already fully healed within a week thanks to the Nibi, they kept her in to make sure. A young twelveyear-old girl by the name of Kurai often came to visit as she was apparently on the team of ninjas who had found her, and Emi found herself ready to settle down in the little village of Snow. She was never fully trusted by anyone other than Kurai, but that was to be expected after the many rumours that had flown around abut her. In time, she became Kurai's best friend and watched as she became the Yukikage, always there for her. Now she serves directly under Kurai, and she's never been happier, and will never hesitate to lay her life on the line if her Kage and best friend were ever to become endangered.

Family: Deceased.

RP Sample: Emi sighed as she leaned back in her chair in an ungraceful slouch. She swore, she could not be bothered doing anything today. She guessed it was just one of those days. Grumbling to herself, she dragged herself back up and out the door to her small, but homey apartment in Yukigakure. Training wouldn't kill me, she mused to herself as she locked the door and wandered lazily down the street. 'Kurai would probably laugh if she saw me like this,' Emi thought to herself. As she strode into the training grounds, she flopped down under a tree and began to meditate under a snowy branch.

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Jeez xDD Approved! You worked hard enough on it

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Emi Reiryuu - Nibi's Host -
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