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 Shinso clan

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PostSubject: Shinso clan   Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:07 pm

Name:shinso clan
Manifestation:chackra manipulation,ninjutsu [is it an eye technique or is it some sort
of seal? What exactly is it?]
Genkai:Chackra sōsa

Clans History:This clan was one of the main clans of the land of lighting its chackra manipulation and solidification was legendary and the clan members chackra reserves they said could rival the uzumaki clans who are known to have amazing chackra reserves in their body they currently are a few of them but their former glory was destroyed by the betrayer the devil Byakuran son of the lighting daimeyo the current user all seek the to reclaim there clan former status as a noble clan tough some are seeking to kill byakuran to avange their honor.

Clan Jutsu:chackra manipulation

Stages: [if your
genkai has stages, post the pictures and description here]

1:chackra blades the user creates blades of their elemental chackra to function as normal swords also chackra blast of the user elemental chackra

Stage 2:chackra wings the user when its abiitys are further explored the user is able to manipulate its chackra to give him the ability to fly he can use this ability in conjuction with chackra sword and chackra blast

Stage 3:the user ultimate ability the
Shiro mikado no ken(white emperor sword) or in lords byakuran case Kuro akuma kōtei no ken(black devils emperor sword)
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Shinso clan
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