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 leone di cielo

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PostSubject: leone di cielo   Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:31 pm

Name:lione di cielo
Physical Description:a small lion with a flame main
Requirements:blood and a the vongola boss special flame

Rank:vongola special or jounin [This usualy
relates to its skill level and/or size]
Story:this is the the eternal lion possed by the creator of the vongola family-vongola maximo it only hears the calls of the vongola bosses if other attempt to summon him he will turn into pure flames and attempt to kill the caller
Characteristics:the abily to turn into different flame wepons including the manto ddi vongola a cape that allows the user to prevent harm coming from fire

Elemental Affinity:[fire/b]
[b]Clan:vongola but only to the boss
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leone di cielo
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