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 Kara The Sage

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PostSubject: Kara The Sage   Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:16 am

Basic Information:

Name: Kara Samsara
Nickname: The Sage
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Originaly Kara was a kind young boy caring deeply for his friends, growing up as a slave made him strong and brave hearted as he stood up for the other ones around him. Though when his latent power activated within him, he was taken in by slave guards and tortured until he became somewhat of a lapdog and they'd use his powers to they're own gain, he was lifeless for the most part of his childhood until a failure in the system of the slaves happened and caused the building to collapse, Everyone except a few slaves escaped, Kara and his friends being them, he used the last bit of his energy to save them. After the event and being outcast from his homeland he became more heartless and selfish.
Likes:Himself, Traveling, calling his jutsu "Magic"
Dislikes:Shinobi, Weapons.
Extras: Scars along his body from his slave days, and a tatoo on his eye.



Village: None
Clan: Rin'negan
Rank: Traveling Nin
Elements: All +
Weapons:None aside from a Steel Staff he carries around.



Background:Kara was born in a country near the Land of Demons, it was far from the practices of Shinobi arts. They performed rituals that would sacrifice people in the names of they're gods. Kara was in one of the poorest sections of the country for most his life, we'll start from the beginning. Kara was the 3rd son of a royal family, though they said he had a defect in his eyes and gave him into slavery fearing the bad omen it could bring upon they're family. Though this was no defect, this was the gift any shinobi would dream for, the Rin'negan. Kara was taken north to a factory where he was forced to work 16 hours of the day everyday, Life of a slave though he deserved so much better, what he would be able to do if he knew what he possessed.
Kara eventually activated his latent powers when he was trapped under a piece of heavy equipment. He used the Rin'negans latent power to remove the equipment, the slave masters witnessed this and immediatly took him to the boss, they tortured him and bent his will to there's , or so they thought. He played by they're rules until the day of the accident when the meltdown occurred. The entire foundry was coming down on top of them, trapping most of them under rubble. He used his powers to save himself and everyone else around him, though when he was about to leave after he checked for more survivors, another collapse happened and trapped him once more, he hadn't the power to save himself this time, it was beginning to look like the end for him, he blacked out and when he awoke he was outside the foundry laying on the floor, people surrounded him and started cheering, for him. Apparently while he was blacked out, Kara put out the flames and stopped the foundry from collapsing even further saving many lives.
After word of this incident reached the capital of the country, they demanded to see this boy. Kara was brought to them the leader of the country offered to make Kara a renowned Hero if he played by his rules. Kara was always being played into situations where he'd have to follow the rules, he was not to ever betray them in anyway or he would be made to look as a traitor to the country. He agreed, he wanted to be a hero, every kid did when they grew up. By the age of 15 he became famous all over the country as a war hero and champion of the people. He earned the title of War Hero when the country became threatened by a shinobi force from across the ocean. The forces of his country were no match, Kara walked out onto the battlefield and changed the tide of battle with one attack, he was able to manipulate the battle to his own will.
Though the time was coming for Kara to no longer be the image of this Country, the leader wanted him gone. Kara was too much of a shinobi image more so then they're samurai heroes who were part of they're religion. They held a ceremony for Kara which they called a right of passage, though quite the opposite. They attempted to eliminate him with this, Most boys his age when this came along were to go on some journey, well Kara got his journey but it was to a Forbidden Holy Ground, now the towns people did not know of this Journey and He was not allowed to speak of it. So when he reached this Holy Ground, set witnesses were there to see Kara break the tenements of the Religion. They took pictures of him and the Leader got what he needed to exile Kara make him look like a heathen. When Kara arrived back to the Village he was arrested for treason. He was tried for attempting to destroy the holy ground. Kara knew he had been set up when he saw the smirk on the leaders face. He wasn't so naive to talk back and make it worse on himself, he knew he lost from the beginning. He was made to walk the entire country in shackles while people threw things at him, many miles were walked in such a short time. When he left the country he was placed on a boat that took him across the sea to the land of shinobi, they unlocked his shackles and quickly took off back to they're country. He was never to return and travel this world alone.

Sample: Zero was curious as to who the man was he saw and followed them until
they walked into a tavern, this guy wasn't a resident of this village
that he was sure of, his attire was different then those of this
place.After trailing him successfully without being noticed he entered
the bar shortly after he did and sat in an empty corner table and kept a
close eye on the man, he was certainly responsible for the bloodshed he
saw earlier and this could be someone very interesting to him.
he ordered a drink and he received it but he did not drink, he just
seemed to sit there and examine the people around the bar. Not to long
after ordering the drink the bartender seemed to talk to him about
something and then seemed to be in fear of the man.An ANBU of the
village approached the man, obviously drunk from his mannerisms and his
actions. The man then laid him out over the counter and before he knew
it a fight began. Afterwards a fire started, Zero stood up quickly and
walked out of the bar before he was to get caught in this. If the man
died in there he would not exit, if he survives he will follow him some
more to find out who he is. Sure enough as Zero thought the man came
crashing through the window and an explosion was heard. He smirked at
how much destruction happened in a short ammount of time. The man was at
the top of another building now. Zero jumped up onto another roof far
enough to avoid suspicion of his trailing him. He followed him to an
area where the man seemed to meditate. Zero then jumped down nearby.
"That was quite a show back there" he said with slight amusement in his
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PostSubject: Re: Kara The Sage   Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kara The Sage   Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:13 pm

Approved, welcome ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Kara The Sage   

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Kara The Sage
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